Sussan Ley wants broadcasters to stop playing P Diddy after he admits assaulting ex

Australian radio stations should stop playing Sean “Diddy” Combs’ music after the American rapper admitted to physically assaulting his former girlfriend after a security footage was released.

Deputy Opposition Leader Sussan Ley said Australian businesses should “reconsider any activities they may be taking that may be financially benefiting Mr Combs”.

“This should see Australian media companies including radio stations take any of his music off their channels today,” she said.

“Everyone has a role to play in calling out domestic violence. Australia should send a clear message on this matter.”

Her call follows the release of security footage of a 2016 incident, showing the hip-hop mogul in a towel pushing his then-partner Cassie Ventura to the floor of a hotel hallway, kicking her twice, striking her with her luggage, before attempting to drag her back towards his room.

The videp was first aired US cable TV channel CNN and forced Combs into admitting he had attacked his former partner.

Combs, 54, had previously denied the incident which was described by Ms Ventura in a lawsuit brought against her former boyfriend alleging mental and physical abuse that lasted almost a decade. The two settled the lawsuit in November.

Responding to the revelation, Ms Ley said while the assault had involved US celebrities, it could not be forgotten that Ms Ventura was a “real person who has suffered severe domestic violence”.

“While this matter is occurring in the United States the vision that is circulating on media and online will deeply affect many thousands of Australian women who will be reliving their own traumatic experiences once again today,” Ms Ley said.

“This is a reminder that domestic violence is a global scourge, and my thoughts are with all victim survivors who will be hurting.

“Mr Combs has admitted to the attack for which reports suggest he will not face charges due to local laws including the statute of limitations.”

In March, Combs’ home in Miami was raided by federal agents over alleged links to human trafficking.

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