Super Mario Wonder’s Elephant Mario Is Getting A Plush In 2024

It’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder week. It’s also Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 week and Sonic Superstars week in what might well be the busiest few days for big releases in video game history. If the review scores are anything to go by, Wonder is the game people are most excited about. Makes sense as it’s the first major Mario game hitting Nintendo Switch since the plumber’s movie grossed more than $1 billion. It will also introduce Elephant Mario to the Mushroom Kingdom, and Nintendo has already confirmed the main character’s new look will be turned into a plush.



Shared by sanei_NLG (thanks, Nintendo Life), the plush is an accurate replica of Elephant Mario from Wonder, stands 26cm tall, and will be available in early 2024. There is a little bit of bad news you might have guessed from the tweet below, though. The plush only appears to be releasing in Japan, or at least that’s what we have to assume for the time being. That’s not to say it won’t be rolled out worldwide or eventually be available elsewhere, though.

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It could simply be a case of the plush not being shown off outside of Japan so far, or Nintendo waiting to see how the game performs and then deciding where Elephant Mario’s plush goes on sale. If the latter is the case, then it’s probably safe to assume the plush will eventually be released in the US. If we have to wait a little while to get our hands on it, but Nintendo guarantees it’s coming, that’s fine by me.

If there’s going to be a gap between Japan and US release dates, the new talking Detective Pikachu plush might be a good way to gauge how long we have to wait. Previously a Japan exclusive, the new plush released to coincide with the launch of Detective Pikachu Returns will eventually be available through the Pokemon Center in the US. We still don’t know when that’ll be, though.

It’s also worth noting the S in the product description in the image above. Some Mario fans think that might stand for small, and that the plush will be available in larger sizes over time. Since Mario grows in size considerably when he consumes an elephant cherry, it would make a lot of sense that far bigger versions of the plush are available. If Elephant Peach is going to get the same treatment, make sure you keep the plush in a different room from any of your Bowser merch. The King of the Koopas has a thing for elephant women.

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