Super Mario Wonder: Search Party

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Search Party stages task players with finding hidden tokens scattered cleverly throughout a stage. That said, there’s such a thing as too clever. If you’re struggling to locate some of these tokens, you’re in good company – we did, too.



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You’ll find your first Search Party stage near the start of World Two, Fluff-Puff Peaks. It’s called ‘Puzzling Park’, and frankly, it’s one of the hardest. Follow our quick guide to find all five tokens and score your latest Wonder Seed.

Puzzling Park Token One: Reveal The Hidden Blocks

Puzzling Search Party Super Mario Wonder Peach 7

Run right from the start of the stage until you’re out in the open. Above the first bridge is a string of hidden blocks. Hop into them, slamming your head against the bottom to reveal them in true Super Mario fashion.

Jump up from the hidden blocks to reveal a second, slimmer, string of hidden blocks. From there, jump once more, and the first token is yours.

Puzzling Park Token Two: Enter The Background

Puzzling Search Party Super Mario Wonder Peach 5

Keep forward. Youl’l soon see a gold pipe frequently depositing Super Mushrooms. How kind! But we’re hardly here for that. Hop up into the gold pipe, which transports you into the background in one of those nifty little tricks that Super Mario Bros. Wonder is so fond of tossing our way.

The second token is right ahead; note that the next one is visible in the foreground.

Puzzling Park Token Three: Grow The Vine

Puzzling Search Party Super Mario Wonder Peach 2

While you were snagging the second token, the third one was plain to see, but back in the foreground. When you’ve returned from whence you came, you’ll see that under normal circumstances, the third token is high enough up that you won’t even be able to see it.

Our beloved vines come into play here. Jump down to the small bridge to the left here, situated about midway between the two bridges just ahead on the right. Land on the bottom-right bridge, and jump up to the top bridge while hugging the wall, which will unveil a hidden vine that will bring you straight to token three.

Puzzling Park Token Four: Move The Pipe

Puzzling Search Party Super Mario Wonder Peach

This one took us the longest to figure out. For token four, go down to the stage’s lower level where the collection of gold pipes is gathered. Did you know that some pipes can be pushed? If you’re here at Puzzling Peaks as soon as it’s unlocked, there’s a decent chance this is revelatory.

Push the left-most pipe forward (to the right) about halfway to the next, smaller pipe. From here, you can jump onto the pipe you just moved, revealing a hidden block that will, in turn, reveal token four.

Puzzling Park Token Five: Leap To The Bottom

Puzzling Search Party Super Mario Wonder Peach 3

Your last token on the path to that sacred Wonder Seed involves another tried-and-true Super Mario trope: the leap of faith, as we like to call it. Back where you sprouted that vine for token three, descend the trio of little bridges and drop all the way down to the bottom.

Follow the quick path to your left for token five. Phew. The Wonder Seed will now appear, so go snag it and get the heck out of here.

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