Super Mario Wonder: Complete Guide To Multiplayer

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Ever since folks first chanced to play alongside each other in Nintendo’s 2D Super Mario games, it’s become an expectation that we can huddle up together on couches with our roster of favorites, from the titular plumber and his bumbling brother to whoever else the Big N decides to toss at us this time.



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With eight playable characters – more if you want to count the separately-colored Yoshis – Super Mario Bros. Wonder‘s up-to-four-player co-op is a real hoot. What’s more, you can also play online now, interacting with anonymous Wonder-playing fans to a limited (but solid) extent.

How Local Co-Op Multiplayer Works In Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros Wonder Image of Bowser Stealing the Kingdom

If you’ve played co-op alongside friends and family in the New Super Mario Bros. games, you’ll sort of know what to expect. Up to four players can join in on one screen. Things can get pretty hectic if you’ve got a full house of four people playing at once, but generally speaking, the total madcap experience of the NSMB games isn’t quite so dramatic here.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found a way for players to equip separate badges during multiplayer sessions, meaning that, power-ups aside, most characters will play identically in every stage.

As for how to get things started, you can head into settings at any time and change the number of characters from one, two, three, or four. It’s an easy drop-in style, so you aren’t required to stick with the same group for every level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. (On the other hand, you shouldn’t rush ahead if you’ve specifically planned to play the whole game together!)

How Online Multiplayer Works In Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros Wonder Multiplayer Luigi and Team

First, you won’t be able to dive into online multiplayer immediately upon beginning Super Mario Bros. Wonder. But don’t worry – if this is your desired experience, you won’t miss much. After a couple of tutorial levels, you’ll see the first instance of several satellite-looking structures scattered throughout the Flower Kingdom map. Waltz over to these towers, and you’ll get a quick explanation of online features, followed by a prompt to enable it.

Here’s where things get interesting. You can set up a private room inviting friends of yours to play with you – they’ll receive notifications on their end. In this sense, faraway pals can collectively save the kingdom. Huzzah. It’s what we expected going into Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and it works fairly well – lag is minimal, at least in our findings. That said, you won’t see your friends directly in the same fashion as you would in local mode. It’s more of a shadowy… thing, but you can revive each other, which rocks.

And then there’s the spiffy mode in which you play with strangers… but again, not directly. If you choose the second mode, other players appear in semi-transparent, shadowy forms throughout your world, and within the stages (akin to your private room in that regard). And again, reviving other players is possible, by tapping into the power of the Standees you may have been purchasing from Poplin Shops. It’s a nice gesture, and it’s even recorded for others to see how many times a given player has done so.

That’s all you need to know about multiplayer in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. As usual, Nintendo’s gone for simplicity over complexity, though they’ve added some interesting wrinkles along the way.

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