Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Talking Flower Tells You Off If You Mute Him

Super Mario Bros. Wonder gives you an option to mute the iconic Talking Flower, but don’t expect him to go quiet without being a little snarky about it.



With its reality-shifting Wonder Flowers and shiny new look that couldn’t be further from the New Super Mario Bros. games, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is full of surprises for Mario fans. Perhaps the biggest surprise of them all, though, is that it’s full of voice acting thanks to the addition of the Talking Flower, a new character that appears in every level of the game and makes comments on what Mario and his friends get up to.

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Considering most Super Mario games only have voice acting in the form of grunts and exertion noises, the Talking Flower has received a bit of a mixed response from fans, with some finding the little guy and his sarcastic comments funny, and others instantly wanting to get rid of him and have a more traditional Mario adventure.

Well, there’s good news for anyone who doesn’t like the Talking Flower, as Super Mario Bros. Wonder includes an option that lets you mute him altogether. By going into the game’s settings, players can choose to either leave the Talking Flower’s dialogue and text on, turn off his voice but keep the text that pops up by his name, or get rid of the subtitles and still have to hear his voice.

Basically, you can’t get rid of him completely (which makes sense when you consider that he does occasionally help the player out by giving hints about the stage) but you can choose to either lose his voice or get rid of his subtitles. Don’t expect to mute the Talking Flower without him having something to say about it, though, as choosing to do so will cause the Flower to sarcastically chastise the player.

As you can see from the clip above, turning the Talking Flower’s voice off will cause the little menu icon representing him to come to life and say, “Was it something I said?”, proving that even in death he can’t truly be shut up.

Once you do that, you won’t have to hear his cheery tones ever again and can simply read what he has to say, but it’s admittedly a little harder to put tape over his mouth when he’s apparently self-aware that he’s being silenced.

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