Super Mario Bros. Wonder Review Round-Up

Reviews for the first 2D Super Mario game in over a decade, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, have just dropped a few days before the game’s launch and, unsurprisingly, they seem to be incredibly positive.



Well, gamers, we’re finally here. The obscenely busy week of October is finally upon us and, just a few days after Spider-Man 2’s reviews dropped and Sonic Superstars launched, we’ve just been hit with another doozy – Super Mario Bros. Wonder is, as you probably expected, rather good.

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Reviews for Super Mario Bros. Wonder have just dropped a few days before the game’s official launch on Friday and it looks like Nintendo has yet another banger in 2023 on its hands. As of the time of writing, Super Mario Bros. Wonder currently sits at a “Mighty” rating on OpenCritic and has a score of 95 on Metacritic, indicating Universal Acclaim.

Let’s start off with TheGamer’s own review, which comes from lead features editor Jade King. Jade gave the game a 4/5 and praised its gameplay variety, particularly thanks to the Wonder Flowers and their weird stage-shifting effects, but noted that it doesn’t do that much to push the 2D formula and doesn’t have a lot of post-game content on offer.

Elsewhere, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been getting a ton of perfect reviews. VGC’s Andy Robinson gave the game a 5/5, calling it “undoubtedly the plumber’s most memorable 2D outing since the 1990s”, while Eurogamer also gave it a 5/5 thanks to its “endless cascade of ideas”. Meanwhile, VG247’s Alex Donaldson gave it another 5/5, citing it as the “best 2D Mario game since the franchise’s 16-bit heyday”.

Outside of perfect reviews, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is still getting some great responses from critics, such as IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey, who gave Wonder a 9/10 and referred to it as “a 21st-century successor to Super Mario World”, while saying that it’s not quite up to par with Super Mario Odyssey thanks to its forgettable music and lack of challenge. Screen Rant’s Lara Jackson also awarded Wonder with a 4.5/5, citing the inventiveness of the game as a big plus but noting that it’s a bit on the easier side.

As of the time of writing, there aren’t any negative reviews for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, with 8/10 being the lowest score registered on Metacritic right now. The most common complaints that players have had about the game so far include its music and general lack of challenge, but even with those two factors in mind, it looks like Wonder is going to be one of the most positively-received games of 2023.

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