Super Mario Bros. Wonder Players Have Already Figured Out An Infinite 1-Up Trick

Super Mario Bros. Wonder might have only been out for a few days, but that hasn’t stopped players from already figuring out various tricks and methods to get infinite 1-Ups.



Beyond its colourful new art style and introduction of powerups like the Elephant Fruit and Bubble Flower, Super Mario Bros. Wonder does a lot to revitalise the moustachioed plumber’s 2D gameplay for a new generation. Some of the big examples include its reality-shifting Wonder Flowers and Badges, but there are also more subtle ways like the removal of level timers and the ability to play levels in pretty much any order.

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One way that Super Mario Bros. Wonder hasn’t moved on from the past, though, is with its lives system. Just like every other 2D Mario before it, Wonder gives you a limited amount of lives to get through your adventure with, which is something that a lot of other platformers, like Sonic Superstars, have decided to move away from entirely. However, also just like every other 2D Mario before it, players have figured out a way to cheat death and easily get 1-Ups whenever they need them.

Take Twitter user DriftCons, for example, who figured out that a particular pipe placement in one of the game’s earliest stages is perfect for replicating a 2D Mario staple – the 1-Up trick. For those that don’t know, ever since the first Super Mario game, jumping on a Koopa Troopa’s shell several times in a row rewards the player with a 1-Up, which can be repeated over and over for what is essentially an unlimited amount of 1-Ups.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder keeps this mechanic which, of course, means that players have already found a way to easily grind out 1-Ups. Take Twitter user DriftCons, for example, who figured out that World 1’s third level, Scram, Skedaddlers, has a section that’s perfect for the 1-Up Trick. Around halfway through the level, players can find a bunch of red and green pipes sticking out from the ground, which can actually be pushed around by Mario and his friends.

By setting up the pipes like DriftCons has in their video with a narrow spot between two of them, the player can then chuck in a Koopa Troopa shell (which can be found earlier in the level and carried to the pipes) and bounce off it for as long as they like to essentially trick the game into rewarding you with a bunch of 1-Ups.

That’s the easiest way that players have found so far, but it’s not the only method. Twitter user Matcha_Foxx figured out that carefully jumping and then using the Glide Cap badge to hop between the seeds that the Skedaddler’s spit out in the same section of Scram, Skedaddlers will also give the player a near-unlimited supply of 1-Ups. Looks like Scram, Skedaddlers might be the key to near-infinite 1-Ups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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