Super Mario Bros. Wonder Players Don’t Like Nabbit And Yoshi Being Easy Mode

Super Mario Bros. Wonder fans don’t like that playing as Yoshi and Nabbit is viewed as the game’s “easy mode” and that they can’t just have a setting that activates the difficulty change seperately.



One of the biggest upgrades that Super Mario Bros. Wonder makes to the 2D formula established by the New Super Mario Bros. games is that there are now a ton of different playable characters, with the two biggest additions being Daisy and Peach. They aren’t the only standouts on the roster, however, as Nabbit returns from New Super Mario Bros. U and Yoshi has joined the cast as a fully playable character for the first time in a mainline 2D Mario game.

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As great as it is to see Nabbit and Yoshi as part of the main roster, they do come with some stipulations that fans aren’t fond of. As revealed in the second Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, Yoshi and Nabbit are basically Wonder’s “easy mode”, as they don’t take any damage from enemies or traps and can only be killed by falling into pits.

Although this is clearly Nintendo’s way of adding characters to the game that can be used by younger players or for anyone wanting an easier playthrough, some fans aren’t too happy with them being locked off like that. Twitter user SuperMarioOOC85 shared an image of Nabbit and the various Yoshis on the character select screen, saying, “They added 4 different colored Yoshis and never thought to make one or two of them not be easy mode characters lol”.

That tweet recevied nearly 20,000 likes as of the time of writing, indicating that quite a few Mario fans would like to play as the two with the same level of difficulty as Mario and the rest of the gang. Underneath the post, Twitter user MajoraZ pointed out that easy mode should be selectable in the options menu for all characters and that Yoshi and Nabbit should just be normally selectable like the rest of the cast.

Another issue with Yoshi and Nabbit’s “easy mode” inclusion in Wonder is that they can’t use any of the powerups that they collect in a level, which means no elephant Yoshi and no Bubble Nabbit. Several players have expressed disappointment in that choice, but at least we have Twitter user SB2749’s pixel art of the pair’s transformations to see what Nintendo took away from us, right?

Although it’s true that the option to have Yoshi and Nabbit as normal playable characters without any stipulations would be nice, it’s not like Super Mario Bros. Wonder tracks what character you use in a level or puts a badge next to your name saying you played it on “easy mode”, so it might just be nice to sit back and enjoy an easier ride with Yoshi’s flutter jump and… whatever Nabbit does.

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