Sunrise star Kochie gets X-rated in wild radio interview

Former Sunrise host David Koch has opened up about his sex life in an X-rated radio interview.

The 2023 Logies were held back in July, and on the red carpet Kochie had a run-in with radio host Rude Jude.

During their chat Kochie’s sex life came up, and Rude Jude ended up suggesting that the presenter have a go at spicing up he and his wife’s bedroom antics with some sex cards.

Now two months later, Kochie was asked during an appearance on KIIS Network’s Will & Woody whether he gave the suggestion a go, and the answer was certainly surprising.

Kochie admitted that while it was a hard-sell at first, the cards ended up spicing up his marriage after his wife, Libby, grew increasingly curious about trying them out.

“They went well,” he confessed. “Lib freezed me out when I first brought them home but after that, she became intrigued and let me tell you, they brought a bit of zest back to the relationship. Jude, I will be eternally grateful.

“I’m more exhausted now than working on Sunrise since your rude deck of cards,” he joked to Jude.

Kochie then asked what the next step in their bedroom journey should be, and Rude Jude had some majorly X-rated suggestions for the beloved morning TV host.

“If Lib wants to go down on you, we’ve got some blow-up dolls,” she began, adding she was going to send him a butt plug, “but I’m going to give it to Sam Pang”.

“I reckon we’ve got a few things. The ‘ring for sex’ bell. Kochie, when Lib is outside, and you want her to come in or something,” she explained.

“It’s this nice little red bell and it’s got ring for sex. You ring it and she’ll come running.”

Clearly happy about the suggestion, Kochie teased that he couldn’t wait to run the idea by his wife, adding: “That sounds right up our alley.”

As Sunrise’s former in-house financial expert, Koch built a reputation for guiding Aussies through the tough economic times of recent months and helped them tackle the cost of living crisis.

Last month he revealed he was taking on a new challenge as economic director of Australian price comparison website Compare The Market.

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