Sundance Specialist Guide: Battlefield 2042

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  • Sundance Specialist Overview

Battlefield 2042 features ten Specialists that players can choose from. Unlike classes from past titles, Specialists are only limited to a unique gadget and passive. These gadgets are incredibly powerful, capable of countering vehicles or granting an immense boost to a character’s mobility.



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Emma “Sundance” Rosier is unique in that they have a gadget and passive that helps with both. Sundance’s grenades counter most infantry strategies in 2042, and their passive allows Sundance to traverse the battlefield as quickly as most vehicles. This guide will cover Sundance’s gadget, explain how the wingsuit works, and give some tips on how to best use this Specialist.

Updated October 23, 2023, by Charles Burgar: Sundance’s unique gadget has seen a massive rework since 2042’s release. She now only has one grenade type, Scatter Grenades, that serve as a great anti-infantry throwable. We’ve updated this guide with Sundance’s base class, secondary gadget options, and rewrote our gadget and passive sections to better reflect how Sundance works in the current 2042 sandbox. We also added some additional tips on how to best use Sundance’s wingsuit.

Sundance Specialist Overview

Battlefield 2042 Sundance Lore Image



Specialist Gadget

Scatter Grenade: Detonates into a smaller cluster of explosives.


Wingsuit: Equips CW-2A Wingsuit instead of Parafoil

No specialist is equipped to deal with infantry quite as well as Sundance. Their unique gadget is the Scatter Grenade. Throwing the Scatter Grenade will cause it to detonate and release four submunitions, all of which will explode after a short delay. This blankets a wide area with multiple explosions and deals massive damage to infantry.

Arguably the stronger aspect of Sundance is their passive. The Wingsuit replaces your character’s parachute and allows Sundance to fly through the air at incredible speeds. Compared to a standard parachute, the wingsuit moves substantially faster, allows more accurate turns, and is capable of traveling hundreds of meters without losing any height. There’s a learning curve to using Sundance’s wingsuit, but mastering this passive allows you to traverse the battlefield faster than any other specialist in the game.

Since Sundance is an Assault, they have proficiency with all Assault Rifles. Sundance will spawn with three extra magazines if an AR is equipped.

Finally, Sundance is classified as an Assault specialist, gaining access to the Med-Pen gadget and many anti-infantry secondary gadgets. The Med-Pen has one charge and immediately triggers HP regeneration when used. Their secondary gadget options consist of C5 Explosives, Claymores, Grenade Launchers, and Armor Plates. Since Sundance already has a powerful anti-infantry grenade through their specialist gadget, we recommend using C5 Explosives to give Sundance a way to destroy vehicles.

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Gadget And Passive

Battlefield 2042 Sundance Gadgets

Scatter Grenade

The Scatter Grenade is an anti-infantry grenade that covers a wide area in multiple explosives. Upon throwing the grenade, it will release four submunitions that violently explode. Any enemy infantry caught in the blast radius will either die or be left at critical health. This grenade deals no damage against armored vehicles.

Unlike most grenades, the Scatter Grenade recharges after it’s used, allowing you to use this gadget multiple times per life if you can survive long enough. The Scatter Grenade has one charge in total.


Instead of deploying a parachute on freefall, Sundance can deploy a wingsuit. This wingsuit grants a large surge of momentum when deployed regardless of how fast you were falling. This makes it possible to generate momentum by quickly deploying, canceling, and redeploying the wingsuit midair.

Deploying the wingsuit will shift your perspective to third person and prevent weapon and equipment usage. Moving forward will build speed but quickly lose altitude, while moving backward does the opposite. If your horizontal velocity becomes too slow, Sundance will stall and begin to fall. You can mitigate this by redeploying your wingsuit.

Managing your velocity is key to getting the most out of Sundance’s wingsuit. If you want to cover the most distance possible, move forward until Sundance’s heels are close to touching, then move back until their body spreads out. Repeating this motion will preserve your momentum without losing any altitude, allowing you to stay in the air for lengthy periods. Pair this with the occasional wingsuit redeployment, and you should have little issue traversing great distances.

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Tips And Tricks

Battlefield 2042 Sundance Specialist

  • While in your wingsuit, alternate between moving forward and backward to maximize your travel distance.
  • If you need to pull a quick 180 in your wingsuit, cut the wingsuit. Turn around, wait a second, then redeploy the wingsuit.
    • This technique is also useful for quickly sniping someone while in the air.
  • Try to land on elevated platforms with Sundance’s wingsuit. Land, bunny hop, then redeploy your wingsuit to maintain momentum.
  • C5 is incredibly strong on Sundance. Wingsuit flying lets you close the gap with ease.
  • Since Sundance has Scatter Grenades, consider using utility grenades in your throwable slot.

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