Steam’s New Private Game Settings Are For Cowards Only

Steam finally did it. It finally gave you deviants a way to hide your shame from the world. I hope you’re happy. Now you can play Peeping Dorm Manager, Orc Massage, and Custom Order Maid 3D2: It’s a Night Magic without anyone knowing what you’re up to. I mean, we still know, but at least you can pretend we don’t know.



The latest Steam client beta update introduces a new privacy page and a variety of settings to the app that allows cowards to disguise their activity. You could always make yourself appear offline or private your account to prevent people from inspecting your library and achievements, but the new features will allow you to selectively choose specific games to hide. That includes hiding the purchase itself, as well as hiding it from your library, your achievements, and even disguising your profile when you’re playing it so it doesn’t look like you’re playing anything at all. This is the next level of ‘appear offline’ – appear that I’m not cranking it.

There could be other reasons you might want to make certain games private I suppose. As a game reviewer, there’s some occasions when I’m playing a game and I don’t want my friends list to know. Nintendo actually requires reviewers to appear offline while reviewing, so this could be a more convenient way to do that on PC. Now, instead of toggling my visibility back and forth, I can just mark certain games private and never worry about it.


I Would Never Huff The Steam Deck Fumes, But If I Did This Is What It’d Feel Like

It may or not be dangerous but you shouldn’t do it even though it’s awesome.

There’s other reasons you wouldn’t want people to know you’re playing a game even if it isn’t a dirty one. Maybe you promised to play Baldur’s Gate 3 with your high school buddy but then decided you didn’t want them to slow you down. If you suddenly appeared offline after work every night when you’re usually online, they might suspect something is up, but if you just make BG3 private they’d never know. Maybe not the nicest way to avoid conflict, but it’s a solution nonetheless.

steam adult games

Let’s be honest though, this feature was designed for and will be used exclusively for adult games. I get it. I wouldn’t want my profile to advertise all the websites I visit in a day. I also don’t think you have any kind of responsibility to the public, or even your friends, to be transparent about the things you buy or the games you play. The way payment apps like Cash and Venmo turn commerce into social media has always grossed me out, so if you want to go private, go private. What you do with your money isn’t anyone else’s business.

That said, if you’re fully public on Steam except while playing Milfy City or Take Me To The Dungeon, I just want you to know that we know what you’re doing. If you think you’re being slick by adding Udonge In Interspecies Cave to your private list, you’re not. You might as well just own it, because everyone can tell anyway. If you’re grinding XP in Life With My Succubus Boss or speed running Furry Shades of Gay 3: Still Gayer, don’t try to hide it, be proud! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about unless you’re embarrassed enough to make it private, then you should be very embarrassed. And also we know what you’re up to, weirdo.

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