Starfield Players Have Started Building The Tiniest Ships They Can

Starfield’s ship building features are pretty deep, allowing players to create all sorts of weird and wacky vehicles that they can fly throughout the Settled Systems. You can recreate famous spaceships from other franchises like The Millenium Falcon and The Normandy, or you can go full goblin mode and just build a big cube. All hail the cube!



Now these tools are being used in a very different way. Starfield players aren’t trying to build the biggest or most impressive ships right now. Instead, they’re trying to build the tiniest and lightest ships physically possible, which has led to some pretty adorable creations that makes travelling across the game’s vast star system a lot more intimate.

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This trend has been going for a few days now, but one of the more recent examples comes from u/ShamblingKorpse who shared their ship with the Starfield subreddit earlier today. Impressively, this teeny tiny ship weighs in at just 199 mass, mostly thanks to the fact that it’s made up of barely any parts. This is more of a giant floating toaster with lasers than a spaceship. What’s more impressive is that u/ShamblingKorpse then went away and somehow got the ship’s mass down to just 183.

Of course, u/ShamblingKorpse isn’t the only person creating tiny ships, as another player called u/Vault-Brock shared their attempt a few days ago. While not as small as the previous example, they definitely gets more points for style and the fact that you can actually fit more than two human beings in theirs. It’s still pretty puny though, with only a single companionway hab. Unfortunately, u/Vault-Brock didn’t share the mass of the ship, so we can’t see how heavy it is compared to u/ShamblingKorpse’s ship.

You might be able to find a few other examples out there, including u/Watermelonegg’s Barbie-themed miniature ship, but we can probably consider the record for the smallest and lightest ship firmly in the hands of u/ShamblingKorpse. Ships don’t get much tinier than that, unless we see someone somehow riding in a literal tin can with some engines attached. When it comes to Bethesda fans, I don’t rule anything out.

Of course, nothing is lighter than the weightlessness of space, and you could outdo all of these ships quite easily if there was some way to exit your ship. Thankfully, fans figured out a way earlier this month, using just two console commands to exit their ship in the middle of space and even set up an outpost on a nearby meteorite.

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