Spider-Man Unlimited Confirms Insomniac Spidey Doesn’t Know Gwen Stacey

The first issue of Spider-Man Unlimited Infinity, which sees 616 Spidey meeting Insomniac Games’ Spidey, confirms that PlayStation’s Peter Parker hasn’t met Gwen Stacey yet.



Insomniac Games has already proven several times that its version of Spider-Man doesn’t give a damn about the same canon events that seem to have shaped most versions of the wall-crawler. Not only has Aunt May died (and not been revived by the devil), but it looks like Harry Osborn is becoming Venom for the first time in Spider-Man 2, setting this Peter apart from the others.

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If that somehow wasn’t enough for you, the first issue of Spider-Man Unlimited Infinity has just made Insomniac’s Spider-Man even more different from the rest. In the issue, PlayStation Spidey finds himself in the same universe as 616 Spider-Man, which leads to a somewhat random fight between the two.

As the fight draws to a close, Insomniac Spider-Man breaks down about how he struggles not to use his powers for his own good like villains do, admitting that he doesn’t do so because he’s trying to honour Aunt May and Uncle Ben. After breaking down some more about May’s death (which he’s clearly not handling all that well), 616 Spider-Man decides to stop being a dick for five minutes and comfort the other Peter.

In doing so, he says, “I’m so sorry. To lose May like that after losing Ben and Gwen…”, which is, of course, referencing The Night Gwen Stacey Died, a comic that infamously killed off the character by having Spider-Man accidentally break her neck by grabbing her with webbing and giving her whiplash. It’s a huge moment for Spider-Man’s character, but it seems that Insomniac Spidey hasn’t suffered the same fate, as his response is simply “Gwen who?”.

This confirms that Insomniac’s Spider-Man hasn’t encountered Gwen Stacey in his universe yet, which is a little strange considering how much longer he’s been wall-crawling in his universe. It’s not clear if she even exists in the Insomniac universe, as the developer previously teased fans by saying, “Who said Gwen Stacy is dead in our universe?”.

For those hoping that Gwen Stacey might be introduced to Peter in Spider-Man 2, that doesn’t seem very likely. The game’s narrative director, Jon Paquette, told TheGamer during a hands-on preview that Gwen Stacey “isn’t part of the story that we’re trying to tell”. Paquette also said, “who knows” about her possibly appearing in the future, but it seems for now that she’s not as pivotal to this Peter Parker as you might think.

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