Spider-Man Fans Are Dunking On Miles’ New Suit

Spider-Man 2 has a lot of new suits, not just optional cosmetics, but story-driven outfits that our two webslingers change into as the narrative progresses. Peter Parker obviously gets the Symbiote, but Miles Morales also gets some new threads. Only, they aren’t going down well with fans.



Spoilers for Spider-Man 2

Later in the story, Venom tries to bring Peter back into the Symbiote hive mind, but Miles and Mr Negative dive directly into his subconscious to rip out the last tendrils. This frees Peter, but it also imbues him with Mr Negative’s powers, turning him into Anti-Venom. Shortly after, Miles appears brandishing his own new suit which he calls, “a Miles Morales original”.

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“I know everybody has their favourite suit,” @SteveRogers1943 tweeted (not the real Captain America, I’m afraid). “But for the sake of Miles’ future as Spider-Man, I think we need to unite against this one”.

Like many of the other suits in the game, it has a variety of different colour palette options. Some of these are going down better with fans when compared to the base one, which many don’t like due to the garish blue lines and exposed mask that lets Miles’ hair breathe.

“Full mask would have made this suit better,” @Fusion98472662 said. “I low-key don’t mind. I was also sorta hoping he would put on the hoodie”.

“I like the third one more,” @imolympusprince said. “The blue actually looks good there as the webbing. Make it a full mask and basically he’s Insomniac’s Ghost Spider [Spider-Gwen]”.

Others simply want the suit gone in the sequel, chucked in a bin in an alleyway somewhere. Superheroes change suits all the time, hell, J. Jonah Jameson even mocks the two Spider-Men on his podcast for being more concerned about fashion than saving the city from the growing symbiote threat.

Insomniac could design a whole new costume for Miles again, or – as some fans suggest – they could use his tenth-anniversary getup from the comics.

Whatever Insomniac ends up doing, one thing is pretty clear – the Miles Morales original is a dud. But hey, at least he didn’t merge with a gooey alien going through their angsty teenager phase.

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