Spider-Man 2 Unsurprisingly Struggles To Run On PS4

Spider-Man 2 is an absolutely stunning game, and that’s mainly down to the fact that developer Insomniac has been able to make the game with just the PS5 in mind. Without being held back by older hardware, Insomniac has been able to flex its muscles, delivering almost unrivaled details and visuals that the PS4 just isn’t capable of. We know it isn’t capable, because one Spider-Man fan has figured that out the hard way.



Over the past couple of days, a Twitter user called DiscordantDiver has been uploading videos of themselves somehow playing Spider-Man 2 on a PS4. We don’t know how they’ve managed to get the game running on previous gen hardware, as DiscordantDiver has been pretty vague with their methods, but we can certainly tell that the game isn’t running on a standard PS5 from the footage provided.

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While the visuals are absolutely fine, the same can’t be said about the performance. Throughout each clip that is shared, Spider-Man is stopped dead in his track by some pretty brutal stuttering, freezing the entire world in place for a couple of seconds at a time. This occurs when Spider-Man is swinging through the city, but also during cutscenes too, as the opening fight with Sandman is made a lot less intense thanks to Spider-Man freezing in the air every few seconds.

I’m pretty sure most of you reading have sped through an open world game so quickly that everything has frozen in place as it attempts to catch up with loading. While it’s just a guess on my part, this stuttering is likely caused by Spider-Man 2 struggling to load everything in time. Of course, the PS4 doesn’t have the fancy, super-fast SSD of the PS5, which means loading takes a little bit longer on previous-gen hardware. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s just too much for the PS4 to handle.

Quite what DiscordantDiver was trying accomplish by playing Spider-Man 2 on PS4, besides either blowing up their console or setting their house on fire, is beyond most people. It’s nice to see visible proof that Insomniac is making good use of the power of the PS5 though, and that we’re actually getting dramatic and spectacular boss fights that were once impossible.

In other Spider-Man 2 news, Insomniac made a pretty embarassing mistake in regards to the decor in Miles Morales’ bedroom. The game does a great job of representing Puertorican culture, but some developers probably have their hands in their head after accidentally putting the flag of Cuba in Miles’ bedroom instead of the flag of Puerta Rico. To be fair, they are extremely similar, and a fix is already on the way, so we’ll give you a pass this time Insomniac.

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