Spider-Man 2 Players Report Busted Physical Copies

Certain physical copies of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 appear to be broken, as dozens of buyers report the same specific issue that’s preventing them from installing the game. According to users online, their installations are all getting stuck at the same point, 36 percent, and nothing seems to help move it past this point.



Anyone who has encountered the problem says that uninstalling and restarting the download hasn’t helped, causing the installation to get stuck at the same point. Due to this, these affected buyers fear that it’s an issue with the physical release itself, especially since the issue doesn’t appear to be affecting anyone who bought the game on the PlayStation store.

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This issue appears to have first been documented on Reddit, as user Okrym shared that they’ve been unable to install the game no matter what they try. Others in the replies reported the same hindrance, realising they were all getting stuck at 36 percent, indicating that it’s the same bug.

Following this, several users on ResetEra reported the same bug, including the same detail of the installation pausing at 36 percent. No one here seems to have found a fix either, leaving early buyers with possibly useless copies of the game.

Insomniac is yet to respond to reports of the issue too, so it’s not entirely clear what is causing installations to halt at 36 percent. In fact, it’s not even confirmed that it’s an issue with the discs, with this just being assumed based on the fact that everyone who has reported the issue so far has a physical copy, rather than digital.

Peter and Miles in their suits in Spider-Man 2

Of course, this issue is hardly affecting every physical copy, as the vast majority of fans seem to be able to install the game and play it without issue. Fingers crossed, this continues to be the case. But still, a not insignificant amount of users are experiencing this very specific issue, so the developer is expected to acknowledge it eventually and shed some light on the problem. It’s not clear what it could do to fix the bug if it is indeed an issue with the disc, save for sending out new copies entirely. It might be fixable with an update, which would be far more convenient for everyone involved.

In any case, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is out now, available exclusively for PlayStation 5. It’s the first game in Insomniac’s Spider-Man series to be a PS5 exclusive, with the first two games available on both PS5 and PS4.

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