Spider-Man 2 Players Are Wondering Where The Heck Taskmaster Is

Spider-Man 2 fans are wondering where the heck Taskmaster is during the events of the campaign, as he can be spotted on Kraven’s hunting list but isn’t seen or mentioned anywhere else.



Just like Insomniac’s first Spider-Man game, Spider-Man 2 has the wall-crawler going up against a ton of different villains from his rogue’s gallery, including Wraith, The Lizard, Venom, Kraven, Sandman, and a ton more. Although many of these were a surprise to see, we did actually see some of them teased during the PlayStation Showcase gameplay reveal trailer, which confirmed Wraith and teased another villain for the game – Taskmaster.

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During an early-game scene where Kraven is seen in the jungle killing an unsuspecting hunter (which was also used to tease the character during the PlayStation Showcase trailer), he checks a tablet that contains pictures of all of New York City’s strongest heroes and villains, including Wraith, Tombstone, Black Cat, The Lizard, The Prowler, and Taskmaster, among others.

Almost every single character who appears on Kraven’s hunting list shows up at some point or another during the main campaign. They don’t always have a big role to play (Aaron Davis isn’t really even The Prowler in Spider-Man 2), but they do at least feature in the game. As pointed out by Twitter user Spider_Kaiju, the only exception to that rule is Taskmaster, who shows up as one of the targets on Kraven’s list but is completely missing in action during the events of Spider-Man 2.

With Taskmaster not showing up or being referenced at all in the game, fans are wondering where he might be. Some fans have theorised that his appearance in the PlayStation Showcase trailer was just a placeholder, but that isn’t true as he also appears in the final version of the cutscene in the full game.

There’s a possibility that Taskmaster was previously meant to make an appearance in the game, but was cut from it during development. This seems to be the case for Rhino, one of the first enemies you encounter in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, as his severed head can be seen mounted on a wall in a room that was cut from the game. Probably best he didn’t show up…

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