Spider-Man 2 Has Suits Inspired By Black Panther And Wolverine

Spider-Man 2 features two unlockable Spidey suits for Miles Morales that are clear references to Wolverine and Black Panther. There’s your Wolverine cameo sorted, folks.



One of the most exciting things about Spider-Man 2 is all of the new suits that it’s adding to the game, including fan-favourites like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit, and a bunch of original ones from different artists, like the Apunkalyptic Suit for Peter that was designed by costume illustrator Jerad Marantz.

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Although there are a few suits from the first game and Miles Morales that sadly haven’t made the leap over to the sequel (rest in peace, Spider-Armour), the roster of outfits here is pretty impressive and sure to please most fans. Aside from some of the great new additions for Pete like the aforementioned Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit and the long-awaited Superior Suit, it’s actually Miles Morales who has the most exciting new outfits in the game thanks to two that reference Wolverine and Black Panther.

Miles Morales wearing a Wolverine-inspired costume in Spider-Man 2.

The first of those two outfits is the “Forever” suit, which is a clear nod to “Wakanda Forever”. The suit is very much inspired by Black Panther’s MCU design, albeit with a large spider emblem in the middle of Miles’ chest. You can unlock this one simply by progressing through the game, and it’s relatively early on in Miles’ suit collection.

It also comes with three other variations that let you customise the colour of the outfit a little. The first is a purple and black outfit that resembles how T’Challa’s suit looks when it absorbs energy, while another gives Miles a red and black look that’s more similar to his own outfit. There’s also a plain black suit if you’re keeping things classic, and a gold-and-black suit that would make Killmonger jealous.

The second, and arguably more exciting suit that Miles can unlock in the game is titled the “Best There Is” suit, a nod to Wolverine’s moniker. This outfit can also be unlocked simply by levelling Miles up, although it’s a much later unlock than the Black Panther suit. The colour variations for this one include several nods to Wolverine’s own outfits, including a yellow-and-blue suit, a yellow-and-brown suit, a grey-and-red suit, and a red-and-grey suit that honestly looks more like Deadpool than anything else.

Sadly, since suit powers are no longer a thing in Spider-Man 2, neither the Wolverine costume nor Black Panther outfit have much more to offer to the player, but they do look awesome and are a nice surprise for anyone who was hoping to see the wider Marvel world referenced in Spider-Man 2.

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