Spider-Man 2 Features Suit Damage For Every Outfit

Spider-Man 2 is just one more sleep away and will undoubtedly have you beating up all kinds of baddies with Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Unless you have godlike reflexes, some of those baddies will get the odd punch in here and there as well though. In the first two Spider-Man games, Peter and Miles would just shrug off the attack and keep on fighting, but it was recently confirmed by PlayStation that Spider-Man 2 will feature suit damage this time around if you get wailed on enough.



Suit damage was a thing in the previous games, as tussling with countless supervillains out for blood tends to be quite an intense affair, but it won’t be locked to story moments in Spider-Man 2. If you come up against a particularly tough grunt while swinging through New York who manages to land a few blows, Peter and Miles’ suits will now rip and tear depending on how much damage you take. This also seems to be the case with pretty much every suit variation Peter and Miles can equip.

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If you’re now sat there worrying about having to deal with a damaged suit throughout your time with Spider-Man 2, fear not. All you need to d to fix your suit is just heal either Peter or Miles, and all the rips and tears will magically fade away like nothing ever happened. If you’re wondering how that works, maybe don’t think about it too much. You are swinging around on super strong spider webs and taking down a giant Lizard after all, not everything needs to make sense.

Spider-Man in the Symbiote Suit kicking a bad guy

While this is a neat feature that adds to the game’s realism, it’s most likely been introduced for all you Photo Mode buffs out there. PlayStation recently went into great detail about the mode in a blog post earlier today, in which it revealed the new suit damage feature, which will let you take more moody and intense photos of Peter and Miles than in previous games. On top of that, there’s also a neat Action Figure mode coming in a future update that shrinks Peter and Miles so you can take a whole variety of different pictures.

Like I said at the top, it’s just one more day before you can get your hands on all these nifty photo mode tools, as Spider-Man 2 launches on October 20. If you’re still on the fence about grabbing Peter and Miles’ next big adventure, you can check out our review here, in which EIC Stacey Henley says the game features terrific boss battle and storytelling.

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