Spider-Man 2 Features A Cut Spider-Verse Character

Spider-Man 2 might not be diving head first into the Spider-Verse like the movies, but it does dip its toes in by featuring a cameo from a character cut from Across the Spider-Verse.



When Spider-Man 2 previews dropped a couple of months ago, one of the most exciting tidbits to come from them was the reveal that one of the new collectibles in the game are Spider-Bots that have come from other dimensions, marking the first time that the games had really addressed the Spider-Verse and made it part of the Insomniac universe canon. Shame Gwen Stacey isn’t part of that canon, but we move.

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After it was revealed that these Spider-Verse Spider-Bots were part of the game, many fans wondered if Spider-Man 2 would dive even deeper into the reference and explore the multiverse even more. Those fans will be very happy to know that it does have a deeper reference to the Spider-Verse and that there’s a very interesting surprise waiting for anyone who manages to collect all of the game’s Spider-Bots.

Once you’ve collected all 42 of the Spider-Bots around New York, you’ll get a call from Ganke, who’ll tell you that he knows who has been leaving the bots all around New York. Once you reach the location that Ganke sends you on the map, you’ll see a purple hexagon on the wall that looks exactly like the ones that Miguel and the rest of the Spider Society use to travel across dimensions in Across the Spider-Verse.

On the other side of the portal is Delilah, a character who was meant to appear in Across the Spider-Verse as the bartender of The Bar With No Name, but ended up being cut from the movie. Delilah will sarcastically say that “we’re all saved” now that Spider-Man is here, before Peter or Miles ask who she is. She’ll then say that she’s learned that rogue Spider-Bots can be dangerous, before taking them all from Spider-Man.

Delilah will then, surprisingly, say, “We can always count on you to do the right thing”, which is a little strange since she works at the bar frequented by villains, but we’ll go with it. In the best part of the cameo, Delilah mentions Miguel O’Hara and says that if he comes for the bots, then it’s “finders keepers”.

This causes Spider-Man to ask who Miguel is, something that’s made even funnier if you happen to be running around in his 2099 outfit. The portal then closes, leaving Spider-Man with a lot of questions and fans with the hope of seeing more Spider-Verse content in any future games.

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