Spider-Man 2 Fans Are Disappointed With Venom’s Boss Battle

Now that copies of Spider-Man 2 have been in the hands of fans for a few days, more and more people are starting to roll credits and talk about some of the game’s final moments. It all gets a bit hectic towards the final few hours of the game, culminating in a final showdown with Venom that Insomniac has been hyping up for years. If you haven’t already clicked away due to spoiler concerns, here’s your final warning.



Unfortunately, the boss fight against Venom himself seems to have been a littl bit anti-climactic for some, as those who’ve finished Spider-Man 2 have been voicing their disappointment on social media. It all started with a Twitter user called Will, who explained that the concept art and trailers for Spider-Man 2 made it seem that you would take the fight to Venom across the city in on big dramatic tussle for the fate of the city.

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Those who’ve finished Spider-Man 2 will know that the final fight with Venom takes place in a couple of fairly enclosed areas, one being the floating ruins of Peter and Harry’s old highschool, and the other being the wreck that is the Emily May Foundation. After fighting for a while at the highschool, you’re instantly transported to the Emily May Foundation thanks to Venom’s surprising ability to sprout wings.

Both spots make a lot of thematic sense of course, as both are important places to both Peter and Harry, but Will and a bunch of other fans think the arenas lack a bit of excitement. For example, Will explains that they’d have liked Insomniac to incorporate some kind of chase scene when Peter is luring Venom away from the main nest or taking him to the Emily May Foundation. Both feel like good opportunities for a hectic web-swinging chase sequence, but they’re oddly missed.

Other fans share the same sentiment in the tweet’s replies, with some saying that they’re fine with what they got, but were still a little bit underwhelmed after all the build up. There also seems to be a general feeling that Venom appeared in the story a little too late for some people, as a big chunk of the game was focused on Peter’s time with the symbiote rather than tackling Venom as he rampages across New York.

Hopefully, all of those people that were hoping for more sweet Venom action will have their desires met with Insomniac’s next game in the Spider-Man universe. In fact, one developer recently hinted that a Venom spin-off title could be made depending on the kind of feedback the Spider-Man 2 team gets.

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