Spider-Man 2 Bug Turns Miles Into A Literal Cube

After the credits rolled and I was back to swinging through New York City in Spider-Man 2, I noticed something… bizarre. Miles Morales was a cube. The default Blender cube. I thought maybe this was some quirky skin for beating the game, like how Resident Evil 2 lets you play as tofu blocks, but after looking at my costumes, it became clear. The cube isn’t intentional at all, it’s a bug.



You can still do all the usual Spidey things, like swing through New York (though the web line doesn’t attach to the cube) and fight criminals, but you have no animations and are harder to see so it’s a little awkward. You even clip into the ground when you land on rooftops and roads.

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Luckily, I’m not the only one who caught this bug. It appears to be triggered by another glitch where Miles’ suit won’t load, so when he’s maskless or in his civvies, he’s just a floating head. I had the misfortune to see this in a scene where Miles hugs Peter Parker – terrifying. Right after, when I returned to playing, I was a cube.

Fixing the bug isn’t too hard. All I had to do was jump into the suit menu and change Miles’ costume, then he was back to his usual self. By that, I mean he wasn’t crammed into a tiny, white, textureless cube. Frankly, I’d rather wear the alien symbiote again.

While most people, myself included, have seen this bug with Miles, there are a few who have had it happen to Peter as well. There is a chance that, while playing Spider-Man 2, one of the Spider-Men will become a dis-corporeal head. You’re probably best quitting to the main menu and reloading, but others have reported the bug affecting the main menu too.

Peter Parker hugging a bodiless Miles Morales while Mary Jane Watson watches

It’s not the only strange bug plaguing Spider-Man 2. Another player shared a clip of themselves climbing up a building only to fall inside. But this is a video game – getting inside a building you’re not supposed to doesn’t mean there’s an interior. It’s more like falling out of the map.

Someone actually did fall out of the map, too. In a side quest, you ride a bike as Peter, but if you ride into a hill at the wrong angle, you can shoot through it and go under the world.

Maybe all of these bugs are Spider-Man’s way of getting back at everyone for not calling him an arachnid.

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