Sonic Superstars Lets You Build Your Own Boss

Sonic Superstars fans have already rushed through the game and are quickly discovering neat little details. It’s Sonic, I’m gonna make speed puns. Anyway, one of those discoveries is that you can actually customise the Cyber Station zone boss in the Battle Mode.



In the Battle Mode, there’s a character customiser. You can modify the head, body, arms, and legs of a little robot, with options for accessories and DLC cosmetics. Each section is full of parts you can switch between to turn your android into something unique. However, to get these parts, you have to spend the golden medals you find throughout your time playing Sonic Superstars.

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You can make the robot look like Sonic, Knuckles, and other iconic characters. However, while most parts are bought with golden medals, others are unlocked by completing parts of the story. As such, your robot will be limited by your progress, but you can always revisit the Cyber Station later on when you have more parts to fight your custom boss again.

Semi Frequent Sonic Facts shared this discovery on Twitter, attaching photos of Sonic battling Mecha Sonic and Amy battling Mecha Amy, both piloted by Eggman who is sitting on top of the giant robots in his little glass dome.

Others in the comments shared anecdotes of their own unique versions of this boss fight. “I was using Super Knuckles and I had to fight Metal Knuckles,” Aquaslash said. “I was grinning from ear to ear.”

“I didn’t even realise this the first time through,” Shawn Guku commented. “I happened to have the Mecha Sonic skin on and just thought that was the boss.”

“Oh that’s why the boss was a regular badnik for me,” DHedge said.

What this basically means is that Sonic fans can create their own OCs (let’s be honest, most of you probably have at some point) and then battle them with Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, or Tails. It also means that, on a technicality, Superstars features a Mecha Sonic fight.

It’s not the only thing Sonic fans were swift enough to catch. Within the first 20 minutes of launch, some players on Steam managed to grab the Comic Book Skin Pack for free before it was removed entirely.

The Rabbit and Mecha Sonic skins were also listed as free DLC, but 20 minutes after the game’s release, they suddenly had a price tag. The Comic Book Skin Pack still isn’t available for purchase or download, but some players were quick enough on the draw, so we know what it looks like in action, at least.

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