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Call of Duty: Warzone is celebrating this winter with a festive variant of the fan-favorite Resurgence game mode. Santa Claus is back from the dead and has taken over Urzikstan’s train. Operators must not only defeat fellow players, but they will also have to face Santa and his henchmen to claim victory.




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Slay Ride Resurgence is this holiday season’s special game mode, adding deterministic sources of high-quality loot to Urzikstan while also spicing up the endgame with a dynamic gas circle, PvE enemies, and a Santa boss fight. Read on to learn more about how this year’s Slay Ride mode works and how it differs from standard Warzone Resurgence.

Differences From Standard Resurgence

Modern Warfare 3 Slay Ride Resurgence Objectives

Compared to your average Resurgence match, Slay Ride Resurgence features additional loot sources and PvE enemies that guard the Urzikstan train. The rest of Slay Ride behaves as you’d expect from a Resurgence match. If you haven’t played Resurgence since MW3 launched, check out our Warzone changes guide to get a quick summary of what’s changed.

As for Slay Ride itself, these are the exact changes:

  • Players spawn with snowballs in place of Lethal Equipment.
    • They act identically to Throwing Knives.
  • Six Christmas Trees spawn at the start of every game, surrounded by loot caches. Capture the trees to buff their loot.
  • Zombie Reindeer will spawn halfway through the game. Kill them to receive high-quality loot.
  • The Urzikstan train is now guarded by Undead Santa and holiday-themed zombies.
    • The gas ring follows the train, forcing endgame players to fight on the train.

Christmas Tree Capture Points

Modern Warfare 3 Warzone Player Capturing Christmas Tree

At the start of every Slay Ride Resurgence game, six Christmas Trees will spawn on the map. Each tree is surrounded by multiple presents that act as loot caches. You’ll also find a bundle of snowballs beside each tree. They behave identically to Throwing Knives and can one-tap downed operators.

Christmas Trees also act as static capture points. Standing near the Christmas Tree will slowly capture it, upgrading its loot caches when fully captured. Each tree starts at Tier 1 by default, upgrading to Tier 2 and Tier 3 as you stand near it. Tier 3 trees drop high-quality loot, including rare killstreaks, perk vests, and weapons with five attachments.

Modern Warfare 3 Warzone Slay Ride Black Site Teleport

The most notable drop from a T3 Christmas Tree is the Black Site Key. A door will spawn beside the Christmas Tree that, when opened, will teleport you to Santa’s Black Site. Use the key to get inside. Santa’s Black Site is guarded by PvE zombies and a tough miniboss. Kill the enemies inside to acquire some high-quality loot.

Zombie Reindeer

Modern Warfare 3 Warzone Dead Zombie Reindeer

About halfway through the match, Santa will spawn a few Zombie Reindeer on the map. Reindeer are loot piñatas that drop multiple chests worth of high-quality loot when slain. Each reindeer is tracked on your minimap, so you can track them down if your team needs some gear. But beware that everyone in the lobby can see them, not just you. Be prepared for a gunfight.


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Santa’s Train

Modern Warfare 3 Warzone Santa With A Minigun Atop Urzikstan Train

Arguably the largest change in Slay Ride Resurgence is the presence of Undead Santa himself. The Urzikstan train is guarded by a zombified version of Santa and his henchmen. They behave identically to MWZ zombies and are fairly easy to kill, although they can block your escape in the train’s claustrophobic boxcars.

Unfortunately, Santa seems to have a grudge against every Warzone player. He’s armed with a minigun and will shoot anyone on sight. The good news is that you can take that minigun from Santa’s cold, undead hands if you can best him in combat. Santa will respawn shortly after you defeat him, so multiple teams can get their hands on a minigun each game.

Modern Warfare 3 Warzone Players Fighting On Santa's Train

Everyone will face Santa’s wrath towards the end of Slay Ride Resurgence, as the gas circle will start to follow the train near the end of the match. The last few minutes of a Slay Ride match practically force your team to fight near the train.

When the Resurgence window ends and you can no longer respawn, gear up as much as you can before boarding the train. Fend off Santa and his minions, defeat the other squads, and you will emerge victorious.


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