Silverchair’s substance abuse bombshell reveals truth behind split

The truth behind Silverchair’s split in 2011 has finally been revealed by two of the band’s stars.

Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou haven’t spoken to their former frontman, Daniel Johns, in years.

Gilles, 43, and bassist Joannou, 43, have just published a tell-all book about the Silverchair break-up titled Love & Pain.

To promote the memoir, the pair appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday where they were questioned about the moment they knew the band would be splitting up.

They confessed that the crux of the issue within the band was substance abuse, including alcohol, which sparked the downfall of their friendship with Johns as well as issues in their own personal lives.

Gillies explained: “I think it had a lot to do with bad communication between three men who did not know how to communicate very well.

“And substances, drinking had a lot to do with it … it was all very messy.”

Earlier in the interview, Gillies confessed his own troubles with alcohol had turned him into a***hole, which put his marriage at risk.

While things have gone from bad to worse for the friendships within the band, they both didn’t reject the notion of all making up in the future.

“Everyone’s moving forward on a different path,” replied Joannou. “I think we are all on pretty different trajectories and just need to appreciate that.”

Johns hasn’t been involved in the making of the book.

Last year, the rift between the former high school friends was on full display when he shared his side of things during a candid interview on The Project.

“Bitterness, jealousy, anger, like anything,” Johns told Carrie Bickmore of the reasoning behind their falling out.

“I don’t have any bad feelings, but I know. I know bitterness and I know jealousy.

“One of the guys in particular has taken a real shining to kicking me while I was down and while I was in rehab and stuff. Saying I was exploiting mental health to sell records or something along those lines.”

“They’ve not shown me any respect. Me and Chris have a very passive relationship,” he said. “Ben, for some reason has a real issue with me being successful without him. That’s sad because I wish him all the best honestly, but unfortunately he doesn’t want me to branch out.”

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