Should You Side With The Hunter Or The Emissary In Starfield?

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As you progress through Starfield’s main story, it becomes clear that the Artifacts are far more dangerous than Constellation originally realized. Dealing with the Starborn becomes a critical part of the main story, with two specific Starborn playing a key role in later quests.



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It’s when you reach the end of the “Unearthed” quest where a critical decision must be made. The Hunter and Emissary demand that you pick a side. Choosing a side will determine how the rest of the main story plays out and impacts the ending you’ll receive. In this guide, we’ll showcase every side you can choose, explain the consequences of each decision, and give our thoughts on which decision is the best.

Choosing A Side

Starfield Choosing A Starborn To Side With

After you complete the “Unearthed” quest on Earth, the Hunter and Emissary will request a meeting with you right outside the NASA ruins. Both of them will argue their views on the Artifacts and the Unity in general, requesting that you pick a side.

You have three options:

The Emissary is right.

You become allies with the Emissary. You must fight the Hunter and claim their Artifact.

The Hunter is right.

You become allies with the Hunter. You must fight the Emissary and claim their Artifact.

You’re both wrong.

Both the Emissary and Hunter become hostile. You must fight both and claim their Artifacts.

This decision affects the difficulty of the “Revelations” quest and affects the ending. Whoever you side with will fight alongside you in the final mission, while the Starborn you argued against will become a boss. You may defeat the Emissary, Hunter, or both with persuasion checks if your social skills are high enough level, preventing any bloodshed. Alternatively, you may kill them to acquire their unique armor and weapons. More specific details are listed below.

The expandable sections below spoil the consequences of each choice, including all ending permutations.

Siding With The Emissary

Starfield Emissary

Siding With The Hunter

Starfield Hunter

Siding With No One

starfield constellation characters

Who Should You Side With?

Starfield Hunter And Emissary On Earth

Narratively speaking, the choice doesn’t matter. Who you side with has virtually no consequences due to how Starfield’s NG+ system is structured. If you’re worried about locking yourself out of quests or companions from this decision, don’t be; nothing of that magnitude is influenced by this decision. It mostly affects the ending, and each ending choice isn’t inherently good or evil. There are flaws with the Emissary’s vision, just as there are merits with the Hunter’s strategy. Pick what feels right to you.

If you want the best items, kill both of them. The Hunter and Emissary each have a unique weapon that’s incredibly powerful, and the only way to obtain both in a single playthrough is to side with no one. Fighting both of them is fairly tricky and requires a high-level character on harder difficulties, but the rewards you receive are worth the trouble.

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