Should You Kill Ernesto Or Confront Adella In Starfield?

The universe of Starfield is filled with colorful NPCs and quests where you can be the hero or the villain, or maybe somewhere in between. There’s a lot to do in the galaxy, and after finding the Valo System, you may take time to settle in Hopetown. There, you’ll find someone who can use a little help.



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While not every little choice matters, there are times when your choices in Starfield will result in NPCs dying or living to see another day. While not all of these choices have long-term consequences, they do have moral ones you may not want to live with for your playthrough.

Where To Find Adella Faheem

Adella in Hopetown in Starfield

To begin the quest, you must land in Hopetown, which can be found on Polvo in the Valo System. As you pass the ranger station, you’ll be called over by a woman in need of help.

When you speak to her, she introduces herself as Adella Faheem. She’s made a small error transporting cargo and is now a wanted fugitive. She needs your help to get the Tracker off her back since very little is known about her yet.

She asks you to speak to the Tracker, posing as her, and make them go away. Though she’d prefer no one gets hurt, she understands you’ll do what you need to do.

Where To Find The Bounty Hunter

Pit Stop in Hopetown in Starfield

You’ll find the Tracker, Ernesto, in the Pit Stop, not far from where you spoke with Adella. Speak to him and tell him you’re Captain Faheem. He’s here for the bounty, and there are only two ways this goes: either you attack Ernesto or persuade him to let Adella go.

If you inquire more about Adella’s bounty, you’ll learn that the official bounty says she shot her way out of Neon with stolen medical supplies meant for orphans.

Whether this is a trick or Adela’s lying to you, it’s unclear.

Should You Kill Ernesto Or Confront Adella?

Ernesto in Hopetown in Starfield

Unfortunately, Ernesto cannot be bought off, so you’ll either have to kill him or persuade him to let Adella go.

If you attack Ernesto, he won’t go down without a fight. Wait until he fires first, so you won’t accumulate a bounty, then take him out. Return to Adella for your reward (2,500 credits).

You can talk to her about abandoning the Markab, but she promises she’ll be gone for good after she gets a few supplies. The quest ends.

Revealing that you’re not Adella Faheem initiates combat immediately.

If you persuade Ernesto to let Adella go, you’ll need to pass a four-stage persuasion attempt. Afterward, he’ll tell you that you better return the shipment before the next Tracker arrives.

You can tell this to Adella, but it won’t make much difference. Return to Adella Faheem for your reward (3,300 credits).

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