Should You Give The Flowers To Merlin Or Usula In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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There are dozens of forageable items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including several different flowers in a variety of colors. Flower make great gifts for villagers and can be used to craft decorative flower beds in your village. They brighten up your day and make the village feel more colorful. However, there are other uses too.




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Sometimes, villagers will request a specific flower, whether as a gift or for a quest. Knowing where to look is key to a quick reward, and thankfully, we know exactly where to find your favorite flowers. Here’s how you can help Mickey check out the new flora in Eternity Isle.

Where To Find Flowers For Mickey

Mickey in the desert Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you unlock Eternity Isle, you can find new flowers all around you. Mickey’s quest, Flower Power, unlocks after you progress far enough to reach both the Wild Tangle and the Glittering Dunes.

For us, the quest unlocked after we cleared the way to the Promenade.

There are neat flowers in the new biomes, so talk to Mickey about it. He wants to show them to Minnie, so he’ll ask you to collect the following:

Flower Name



Blue Glass-Like Flower

Glittering Dunes


Orange Bird Of Paradise

Ancient’s Landing


Green Fly Trap

Wild Tangle


Should You Give The Flowers To Ursula Or Merlin?

blue glass-like flower and the avatar Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you have all the flowers, return to Mickey. He’ll thank you, but realizes that the flower probably aren’t something Minnie would like. Instead, you can choose who to give them over to: Merlin or Ursula.

Giving the flowers to Merlin is likely a better choice, as he’ll use them in his experiments to better the valley. However, you can also gift the flowers to Ursula for her to use in her potions.

There are no wrong answers. Giving the flowers to Ursula is better if you want to embrace your villainous side, but if you want to play the part of a hero, Merlin is likely your preferred option.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Both are grateful for your thoughtfulness and conclude the quest.


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