Should You Give The Coffee Beans To Markieff Or The Buyer In Starfield?

After centuries of exploring space, one thing that remains the same to the people in Starfield is the coffee. No matter where you go in the galaxy, people need a cup of hot coffee to get through their day. Without it, time drags on and leaves them lethargic.



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While a cup of coffee from TerraBrew would satisfy most, the elite who want fancy roasts and premium blends of beans emerge in pursuit of finer tastes, but at what cost? Finding the finest coffee beans in the galaxy isn’t an easy task, nor are you the only one who’s been sent to find them.

How To Start The Terror Brew Quest

Markieff Sutherland in Starfield

To start this quest, head over to Dawn’s Roost in the Residential District of New Atlantis. You’ll find Markieff Sutherland in the back corner at a table, grumbling about the coffee.

When you speak to him, he’ll complain about the coffee and his refined palate (and don’t mention TerraBrew). He knows how to make better coffee from a single bean that’s been through an alien beast’s digestive tract.

Of course, the last person he hired to do the job was eaten. If you’re up for it, he’ll pay you 2,000 Credits to retrieve his property.

Where To Find The Predator

Serpentis III in Starfield

The quest marker leads to the Serpentis System, which is quite far from New Atlantis. Set course for Serpentis III and land near the deserted relay station.

The recommended level is 55, but it’s not a hard roadblock. Be careful if exploring early in-game.

The fallen beast is surrounded by Va’ruun zealots. You can either dispose of them or sneak your way around the back of the relay station to reach the beast.

There aren’t too many, though their levels can range from 14 to 46, so keep an eye out. If you have EM mods on your weapons, you can stun enemies before moving in for a melee attack if you don’t want to waste ammo.

Hunting Bonefrill in Starfield

Loot the creature, and you’ll find the fermented beans and Kieran Cooper’s Slate, which leads to an optional objective. When you read Kieran’s slate, you’ll learn the job was a lot more complicated than you thought, and Markieff isn’t a stand-up guy.

There is a bonus, however. Kieran had another buyer lined up.

Should You Give The Beans To Markieff Or The Other Buyer?

Markieff in Starfield

Once you have the beans, you can head back to Jemison. You have a choice to make: will you give the beans to Markieff or sell them to his competitor?

While Markieff hasn’t technically done anything to wrong you, he’s certainly a shrewd connoisseur with a disregard for others’ safety.

Giving the beans to Markieff will reward you with 2,000 credits.

You can mention that Kieran meant to sell the beans to another, but you won’t get any bonuses for your honesty, nor can you leverage it for more Credits.

Terrabrew Manager in Starfield

Rather, you can sell the beans directly to the other buyer instead.

Head to the Commercial District’s TerraBrew location and meet the manager outside. Ask about Kieran, and you’ll learn that TerraBrew wants the beans destroyed.

If you hand them over, you’ll get 3,000 credits.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Provide an entitled coffee connoisseur with experimental beans or have them destroyed so no one knows there’s a better option than TerraBrew around. If the credits aren’t enough to sway you, then follow your morals.

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