Should You Choose Aceles Or Microbes In Starfield?

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Every faction has a line of quests that build upon the established worlds and lore in Starfield. By joining the UC Vanguard, you vow to protect the citizens from threats, both human and alien, and things pick up quickly. Your service to the Vanguard won’t go unnoticed, and it’s time you saw the fruits of your labor.



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The conclusion of the UC Vanguard questline is not as action-packed as previous quests but instead aims to wrap up any loose ends and present choices to you for how to shape the future of the United Colonies. You’ll have several choices to make, some with lasting consequences.

Confront Vae Victis

Vae Victis reveals his plan in Starfield

When you return from Londinion, head down to Subsection Seven and confront Vae Victis about his involvement with the fall. While initially he’s surprised, he explains his whole plan to you. Answer however you like.

He has one more task for you, and it’s already underway. When you meet with the Cabinet, Vae Victis urges you to leave his involvement out.

All you need to do is tell the Cabinet that Orlase was behind it all. Everyone wins this way, but the choice is yours.

How To Address The Cabinet

Addressing the Cabinet once again in Starfield

When you’re ready, speak to Hadrian and Percival to discuss the plan. You will be the one addressing the cabinet, but their input can refresh your memory and provide new insight.

After you’ve spoken with them, head into the Cabinet Chambers and step up to the podium. President Abello will address you and ask you to verify the reports.

Should You Blame Orlase Or Expose Vae Victis?

If you expose Vae Victis’ involvement, the entire chamber bursts into confusion and anger. Hadrian, in particular, is furious that you keep this information from her (and she’ll have a heated exchange with you afterward).

The Cabinet vows to deal with him–permanently–and moves on to other matters. You won’t be seeing him again in any professional capacity.

Exposing Vae Victis prevents you from working with him after the main quest ends.

If you follow orders and blame Orlase only, the Cabinet finds this odd due to the lack of motive but takes your word for it. They’ll move on and write off Orlase as the villain in the narrative.

Should You Pick The Microbes Or The Aceles?

The next order of business is what to do with the Terrormorphs.

The microbe offers a quick solution that can be released as an aerosol to remove Heatleeches and Terrormorphs alike but comes with the one-in-a-million chance of evolving and creating mutants.

The Aceles is a slower process that reintroduces the Terrormorph’s natural predator. While they won’t be as efficient, there are fewer risks, and most domesticated areas will be safe.

The choice has no effect on the outcome and is merely a moral decision, as is the decision to include the Freestar Collective or not.

How To Claim Your Class One Citizen Perks

Tuala congratulates you in Starfield

After concluding your business with the Cabinet, you’ll earn the status of Class One Citizen. This comes with several rewards, like a credit disbursement, a higher discount on colony goods, and a penthouse to call your own.

Speak to Tuala in the lobby to discuss your rewards for being a Class One Citizen. You’ll be given 12,000 credits and be directed to the Aphelion Realty office to unlock your penthouse.

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