Should You Accept Red Fox’s Offer In Lies Of P?

Near the end of Chapter 7 in Lies of P, you will have to face a dangerous foe named Champion Victor. After defeating the boss in the Grand Exhibition, you will bump into the quirky duo Red Fox and Black Cat for a third time in the game. This duo’s intentions are never clear but choosing whether to help them or not affects things in the game.



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You can choose to become more human or to be naive and remain as the puppet that Geppetto intended you to be. Choosing to give the Red Fox a Gold Coin Fruit is one of these choices that will have an effect on the world around you.

What Happens When You Give The Red Fox A Gold Coin Fruit?

Lies of P Rewards For Giving Red Fox a Gold Coin Fruit

After defeating Champion Victor, you can find Red Fox and Black Cat outside the Exhibition, just past the Saintess of Mercy Statue stargazer. Red Fox will explain that her young brother, Black Cat, is suffering from a disease that will leave him blind if he does not find a cure.

The Gold Coin Fruit is a cure-all, potent piece of fruit filled with Ergo. A lot of people are on the hunt for the fruit, and you have a Gold Coin Fruit right in your backyard. If you give Red Fox a Gold Coin Fruit at this point in the game, she will reward you with the Quixotic record and the Beg emote.

If you do not have Gold Coin Fruit in your inventory at the time of this conversation, you can come back later and give the fruit to them. Just make sure you do not enter the train behind them until you have given them a Gold Coin Fruit.

What Happens If You Do Not Give Red Fox The Fruit At The Grand Exhibition?

Lies of P Red Fox Dialogue To Give Gold Coin Fruit

If you do not give the Red Fox and Black Cat a Gold Coin Fruit at the Grand Exhibition, they will start begging and become disappointed. You can simply pass them by and continue your journey.

You will, however, bump into the duo another time no matter what decision you make here.

During your next interaction with them in Chapter 11 at Arche Abbey, Black Cat will once again ask for a Gold Coin Fruit, but this time in the middle of a boss arena. At this point in the game, you will not be able to leave and harvest more Gold Coin Fruit. You must have the fruit in your inventory prior to triggering this second interaction.

What Happens If You Don’t Give Black Cat The Gold Coin Fruit At Arche Abbey?

Lies of P Pinocchio in front of Gold Coin Fruit Tree Ready For Harvest

You have to be on good terms with Black Cat at this point in the game in order to not trigger him as a boss fight in Arche Abbey. To do that, you need to have been friendly with them at every interaction in the game.

  • Purchasing Black Cat’s fake book at the Workshop
  • Allowing the duo to help you at Malum District
  • Giving the duo a Gold Coin Fruit at the Grand Exhibition

Even if you give Black Cat a Gold Coin Fruit here, players have found themselves in battle with him upon talking to him a second time. This is probably because they did not maintain friendship status for every Red Fox and Black Cat interaction prior.

You will have to face Black Cat as a boss if you do not appeal to his needs. Killing Black Cat will therefore make Red Fox hostile the next time you see her, resulting in another boss fight. Both boss fights will only reward you with their respective masks.

  • Black Cat’s Mask
  • Red Fox’s Mask

You do not need to kill the duo in order to acquire these masks. You will be rewarded with both masks if you maintain friendship with them and give them Gold Coin Fruit whenever they ask.

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