Sharkbite 2 Codes (October 2023)

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We added a new code on October 24, 2023. Sharkbite 2 is celebrating its one-year anniversary!



Welcome to Sharkbite 2! After a long wait, the new and upgraded Sharkbite has arrived, and we’ve got the latest Sharkbite 2 codes for the game. This is a game where one player gets to be a shark, while the other players have to escape on their custom-designed boats, stocked with weapons to try and take down the shark.

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The original Sharkbite is a Roblox classic, and the new and improved version (although still in its early days) brings loads more to the game! Codes should be on the way very soon, so check back regularly to see if anything has been added to celebrate new updates and milestone achievements.

Sharkbite 2 Codes




Free Anniversary Shark and accessory (NEW CODE)


Free Ducky Boat Skin


Thumbs Up! Reward

Roblox codes can only be redeemed once, and codes are case-sensitive – that means you need to check all the capital letters, numbers, punctuation, and of course, the spelling.

How To Redeem Sharkbite 2 Codes

Sharkbite 2

You can redeem codes by clicking the Twitter icon above the menu. As of writing this guide (25 October 2022), the button does not work. If the codes you enter also don’t work, this might be because you have entered it incorrectly (check your spelling!) or the code is expired (you will have to check back soon for new codes.)

We will update this page when the codes are working!

What Are Sharkbite 2 Codes

Sharkbite 2 Boat Inside Main Hub

We’re not sure yet what the codes offered by Abracadabra Games will be, but based on the first Sharkbite game, we imagine you will be able to get lots of free Shark Teeth (used to purchase and upgrade your boat), as well as various cosmetics and other rewards.

How To Get More Codes

Sharkbite 2 Hammerhead Shark

We will update this page when new codes are added – to stay on top of upcoming updates, sneak peeks, and new codes, dive into the official Twitter page or developer Discord for more info!

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