Select Fighter Pass Smash Ultimate Amiibo Being Reprinted In 2024

It seems the Nintendo Switch amiibo train may grind to a halt in 2024 as rumors its successor will be announced continue to swirl. No figures released for any recent games – not even Super Mario Bros. Wonder – and Sora’s amiibo likely the last, releasing on February 16, 2024. It seems that may well be a significant date for amiibo collectors for more than just Sora as three other Smash Ultimate characters added post-launch will see their figures re-printed and re-released that day too.



The reveal amiibo fans will have the chance to get their hands on Joker, Terry, and Banjo-Kazooie’s figures were made when Best Buy made the trio available for pre-order, their reprint release date the same as Sora’s. The first wave of stock for all three sold out pretty fast, but it’s still worth checking the links below. Clearly popular, it’s possible Best Buy adds stock in waves to avoid congestion.

banjo & kazooie amiibo

Banjo & Kazooie Amiibo

Banjo & Kazooie as an amiibo, compatible with Nintendo Switch.

Now that Sora is getting an amiibo, every single character in Smash Ultimate will have their own figure. With some having more than one, that makes 95 Smash amiibos to collect, some of which, like the three being reprinted, are incredibly hard to come by. Hopefully, if Nintendo really is done with Switch amiibo after Sora, the plan is to re-release all of the figures that are tougher to find, giving everyone a chance to fill any gaps in their collections before moving on to the next console.

joker amiibo in its packaging

Joker amiibo

Joker in Smash Ultimate means two things. That Persona characters have started to join the fight, and he’ll get his own amiibo. Use Joker’s amiibo to unlock a version of the character in-game you can train up for battles with others.

Although the three amiibo returning to Best Buy are all characters who were added to Smash Ultimate via the Fighters Pass, the first amiibo confirmed to be getting a 2024 reprint was Shulk. Shulk’s figure will return a little sooner, though. In January, the same day as Xenoblade’s Mio and Noah two-pack. If it’s specifically Smash additions you’re after, Minecraft’s Steve and Alex two-pack is in stock at Best Buy, no pre-order needed.

banjo & kazooie amiibo

Banjo & Kazooie Amiibo

Banjo & Kazooie as an amiibo, compatible with Nintendo Switch.

Fingers crossed Nintendo continues with amiibo on its next console. How sought after the figures are whenever popular ones go on sale is evidence enough that they’re worth making, although that doesn’t always seem to be what drives Nintendo to do things. If you’re new to amiibo collecting, or you’re trying to fill those gaps before Nintendo moves on, we’ve got guides on the very best figures, and where to find them, from various series including The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, and more.


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