SAS star Craig McLachlan admits he’s ‘ready to change’

Craig McLachlan said on Tuesday night’s SAS that he’s “ready to change” after previously ranting about the indecent assault allegations made against him five years ago.

During the latest episode, McLachlan and his co-stars were all tasked with writing a letter about their “most shameful secret”.

McLachlan stood up after penning his letter and went on to confess that he’s been “hating and resenting” everything in his life ever since the allegations were made against him.

In 2019, the former Neighbours star was charged with seven counts of indecent assault and six of common law assault made against him by four women who starred alongside him in the Melbourne stage production of The Rocky Horror Show.

He vehemently denied the allegations, and was cleared of all charges the following year.

“I was publicly shamed. For bullying, harassing, intimidating, even assaulting workmates,” said an emotional McLachlan.

“But the embarrassment and shame I felt was crippling. And without realising it, I’ve been hating everything and resenting everything. I’ve been angry at everything.”

He continued: “But, I’ve reached a point … finally where I can acknowledge that we live in different times. And not hate that. And not buck against it. You can’t change what’s been done – good, bad or otherwise. But you can change things moving forward. I am finally ready to change.”

His latest remarks come after he ranted about the allegations during the brutal first episode of the latest series.

McLachlan denied all the claims and in 2020, after a headline-making trial, he was cleared of all the charges.

“The [Rocky Horror] show is absurd. It’s fetishy. And, as a performer, when you sign on for that show, you’re signing up for the fetish nature of it. The comedy,” he recalled.

“During the rehearsal process, you’re in close quarters, you’re trying out new gags, you’re touching each other. Not inappropriately … That was just the world of theatre, with everybody.

“Then I get a letter from a certain journalist saying that allegations were being made. I asked who was making them, they never told me,” he added during the first episode.

Earlier this year, it was reported that McLachlan received a six-figure payout from Victoria Police after he was acquitted. The Daily Telegraph reported that he had been given $500,000 in compensation to pay his legal fees.

In May last year, he dropped a defamation lawsuit against one of his accusers, Christie Whelan-Browne.

The actor had told the ABC and Sydney Morning Herald in January 2018 she had been indecently assaulted by McLachlan during a production of TheRocky Horror Show musical four years earlier.

McLachlan cited the strain the suit had put on his health and his family when explaining his decision to drop the case in the NSW Supreme Court.

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