Sam Newman attacks You Cannot Be Serious podcast co-host Don Scott

Don Scott has offered a coy response in the wake of the explosive tirade directed at him by his podcast co-host Sam Newman.

In a now deleted segment of his You Cannot Be Serious podcast that was posted on Wednesday, Newman became enraged at Scott’s behaviour while they were interviewing renowned sports writer and author Ken Piesse.

Scott walked out and didn’t return.

When asked if he’ll return to record a new episode next week, Scott said: “We’ll see what happens.”

Scott said he was okay after Newman’s expletive riddled rant, which Newman later described as a “lover’s tiff”.

“I temporarily lost it,’’ Newman admitted.

“Just some of the things I’ve been suggesting to him over a couple of years, he got the quadrella.

“He broke a microphone, broke headphones, started eating and wasn’t speaking into the microphone. It just manifested itself into the perfect storm.

“I was only thinking of the listener. Don’s resilient.

“Everything’s all right, it was a lover’s tiff.”

It was about eight minutes into the interview when Newman turned.

“Holy shit. Jesus Christ, if you touch that f–king thing again. Stop it, I’m serious, f–k you, God almighty,” he said.

Scott replied: “Come on, get on with the interview.”

Newman continued: “I can’t do it. If you could f–king do something properly for once in your f–king life, don’t touch the microphone and speak into it and stop eating. F–k. Go out, go home.”

Newman continued talking to a calm and unruffled Piesse, but then interjected as Scott walked out: “Good, f–k off”.

He was still preoccupied a minute later.

“I’ve got a good idea for another book,’’ Newman said.

“You should write a book on Don Scott and people he knows and people he pisses off. I reckon that would sell a million copies because that is about the most annoying person I’ve ever f–king met.

“He’s dismantled two microphones, he’s broken two sets of headphones, he’s eaten, he f–king, can’t pronounce a word properly and he’s gone. I’m sorry about that but it’s suddenly become bliss.”

Newman said Scott had to leave early anyway.

“Don used to do that to me when I played against him. It’s taken 40 years to get back at him,’’ he said.

Originally published as Sam Newman blows up at You Cannot Be Serious podcast co-host Don Scott

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