Russell Brand says he is a victim in the ‘war against free speech’ in new video addressing allegations

Russell Brand has claimed he is a victim of a “war against free speech” in a new video addressing his explosive sexual misconduct allegations.

Brand released a new clip to his followers this week, as the Metropolitan Police in London said it had received “a number” of fresh allegations against the movie star turned podcaster.

The 48 year old comedian and actor has been accused by several women of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse between 2006 and 2013, at the height of his fame, according to a joint investigation by UK newspapers the Sunday Times and Times and Channel 4 Television’s Dispatches program.

Brand strongly denies accusations made by four women and claims he has become a victim of a calculated attempt to silence his opinions, particularly over the Covid pandemic.

He accused “big tech and legacy media organisations” of collaborating to “target, control, choke, and shut down independent media organisations”.

“Obviously, it’s difficult for me to be entirely objective given the events of the last week, but that’s what we must try to do,” he said.

“The corporatist state and global media war against free speech is in full swing. How do I know? Take a guess.”

Brand has urged followers to contribute to his show on Rumble, as mainstream platforms move to demonetise his channel.

Rumble, unlike YouTube, has not blocked Brand from earning advertising revenue on its site.

Brand expressed gratitude to his supporters for questioning the allegations in a video posted on YouTube, Rumble, and X.

Brand says he will continue to discuss the “collusion between big tech and Government” and efforts to “silence independent media voices” on the platform even as his current scandal spirals.

YouTube blocked Brand from earning money on his channel due to “off-platform behaviour” violations. With over six million followers on YouTube, the move has seriously affected Brand’s income.

The BBC, where Brand had worked as a radio presenter during the time of the first alleged assaults, said it has launched its own internal investigation into the claims.

The BBC has also removed some of its content featuring Brand from its iPlayer and Sounds websites.

Brand was sacked from the BBC after he made a series of lewd phone calls to an actor while presenting his radio show.

The production company Banijay UK, which made some of the major shows which Brand presented on Channel 4, has also launched its own probe.

Channel 4 has said it has no record of any complaints of a sexual nature against Brand.

Meanwhile, Met Police Detective Superintendent Andy Furphy has encouraged anyone who believes they may have been a victim of a sexual offence, regardless of when it occurred, to contact the police.

Police have said all allegations made against Brand were non-recent and there have been no arrests.

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