Resident Evil Fans Think Separate Ways Is Setting Up A 5 Remake

Resident Evil 4 DLC Separate Ways just got its own remake, fleshing out Ada’s story as she tries to fend off an infection while helping Leon Kennedy and Ashley Graham from the shadows. But with the expansion so heavily featuring Albert Wesker, many believe Capcom has planted the seeds for its next standalone remake – the fifth game.



“Okay, they’re definitely making an RE5 Remake right?” JustARandomDude2K23 posted in the subreddit, attaching a photo of Wesker saying, “Soon the sun will set on the age of man.”

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Resident Evil 5 is set five years after the fourth game. We follow Chris Redfield as he’s sent to Kijuju in West Africa with his new partner Sheva Alomar to stop Ricardo Irving from selling a BOW on the black market. However, things go sour when they find the locals are infected with Las Plagas parasites. Investigating further, Redfield discovers that Jill Valentine confronted Wesker and is presumed dead, but rather than reporting to HQ, he pushes on to find the truth. He later uncovers that Wesker is planning to launch missiles across the planet armed with the Uroboros virus. Resi5’s plot sure sounds like the sun setting on the age of man.

It’s also worth mentioning that Resi4 Remake’s ending teased Separate Ways, and Resi3 Remake tied Nemesis to the Las Plagas virus, hinting at the next remake on Capcom’s docket.

Resi4’s ending also featured Tricell, its leader Excella Gionnee, and the progenitor virus flowers. Either history is repeating itself and Capcom has left us clues for a modern update to Resident Evil 5, or it’s finally tying the remakes to the originals.

Resident Evil 5 offers a unique change of pace for the remakes – co-op. The three we’ve had so far are all single-player experiences, but Resi5 was designed to be played with a friend. If you try to go it alone, Sheva’s AI makes things much harder.

However, Resi5 also marked a huge shift toward action, leaving much of the horror behind, which many signify as the downfall of the series, culminating in Resi6.

A lot would need changing to fit the newer tone of the series, but many fans are still asking for Code Veronica and Dino Crisis remakes. The former is a spin-off that follows Claire Redfield’s search for her brother, with gameplay more similar to the original three Resi games than the fourth, while the latter is a cousin to the Resident Evil series, swapping the zombies for dinosaurs.

Granted, fans have been asking for these two games since Resi2 Remake came out – maybe their luck will finally turn, but Capcom is likely gearing up for Resi5.

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