Resident Evil Fans Shocked By Brutal Separate Ways Death Scenes

Resident Evil fans are shocked at the many brutal ways that Ada Wong can be killed in the Separate Ways DLC for Resident Evil 4’s remake, with one even being a reference to the laser room from the 2002 movie.



None of the games in the Resident Evil series are short on ways for their protagonist to die, but Resident Evil 4’s remake had some particularly brutal ways of offing Leon Kennedy, from decapitations to broken necks and everything in between. Leon’s adventure through rural Spain was already dangerous enough, but things have been made considerably more dire for Ada Wong in the Separate Ways expansion.

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Although Ada can be killed in many of the same ways as Leon can in her campaign, the deaths that are unique to her are certainly the most brutal in the game and might even be some of the nastiest in the series. Twitter user ResiEvilCentral shared a few clips from the expansion that show

The first clip, captioned, “This death scene took me by surprise”, shows Ada in the iconic laser corridor scene from the original game that was cut from the remake but brought back for Separate Ways, this time baring even more of a resemblance to the 2002 movie. If the player fails a quick-time event and gets killed by the laser, a cutscene will play showing Ada stumbling backwards, before her head is separated from her body, quickly bringing up the game over screen before showing too much gore.

That death scene is bad enough, but it’s the second one that is surprising players the most. ResiEvilCentral shared a clip of this unique death with the caption, “THE CORRIDOR OF DEATH STRIKES AGAIN…”. In the clip, Ada is hit by a bunch of blue lasers that pass through her body, leaving her staring at the camera in shock as a line appears on her face where she’s been cut. Before the screen cuts to black, we start to see blood pouring from the wound and her head start to shift slightly.

This is, of course, a reference to a similar death that happens in the 2002 Resident Evil movie, but fans are still shocked at how brutal it is compared to other death scenes in the game. One comment from Twitter user SpringT_ reads, “Bro even without seeing anything fall, it lets you imagine what comes next, which makes it even worse”.

The laser corridor scene is bad enough, but it’s not the only traumatising death scene for Ada in the DLC. ResiEvilCentral shared yet another clip from the expansion that shows Ada being crushed to death by a large spinning spike trap, with blood splashing everywhere as she’s crushed against the wall. Someone on the dev team must hate Ada because holy crap.

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