Resident Evil 4 Remake Fan Finds An Unused Wesker Character Model

Resident Evil 4 Remake finally has the Separate Ways expansion, launched earlier this week. As well as letting players take the role of Ada and follow her own story, it also gives dataminers a bunch of new files to glean over – and one discovery and piqued the fanbase’s interest.



This new file is an unused character model for Wesker, different from the one used in the Separate Ways story. Here, we can see that he has an incredibly injured arm, matching some concept art that was leaked ahead of Resident Evil 4 Remake even being announced. The fact that there’s a character model for this take on Wesker suggests that it was considered until fairly late into development, before being scrapped for whatever reason.

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This discovery was made by modder Michael Kemp and shared on Twitter. Quickly, Resident Evil fans started guessing that the visibly injured arm is a reference to the beatings Wesker took in Resident Evil Code: Veronica, which would have been the previous game in the timeline.

If this is meant to be a shout-out to the events of Code: Veronica, that would be huge. The game rarely receives the love and attention that others in the series get from Capcom, despite fans long begging for a remake or remaster. If Wesker made some kind of allusion to the game’s events in Separate Ways, that would be evidence that a remake is possible. So far, however, it’s been skipped, with Capcom going straight from Resident Evil 3 to Resi 4.

Alas, it seems the model goes unused, and was perhaps just left scrapped and left behind as opposed to being added with the intention of being introduced in another expansion. However, if the injuries were Code: Veronica induced, then at least the game is on the studio’s mind, not forgotten entirely.

Unfortunately, Code: Veronica fans will be left with those scraps for now. Some fans took it upon themselves to try and develop a remake themselves, but this was later shut down by Capcom. The fan devs say this was due to them using the Resident Evil name, not specifically because it was a Code: Veronica remake. So, that might not be proof that an official remake is on the way either. In which case, Resident Evil 5 would be up next after Capcom is done with updates to Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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