Relic Of Trismegistus Guide In Lies Of P

The Relic of Trismegistus in Lies of P is a break from the layered level-design with its linear pathing and familiar enemy designs. While there is nothing particularly surprising about this area, there are a number of ambushes and items you’ll want to keep an eye out for.



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Thankfully, this familiar design will be a lull before the storm. With the Arche Abbey just around the corner – the hardest and most complex dungeon crawl of the game, you’ll want to enjoy this area as much as you can. This will be the last time you encounter the straightforward and familiar.

How To Find The Relic Of Trismegistus

Antonia tells P that Geppetto has been kidnapped after Hotel Attack in Lies of P

Entering this area is not exactly as straightforward as other areas.

Your first item of business will require you to speak with Antonia in Hotel Krat. Due to the events at the hotel, Antonia can now be found upstairs in the room where the P-Organ and Geppetto could be found.

Speaking with Antonia, you’ll be given the ability to play a secret chord on the piano.

P plays a secret chord on the piano to open secret path behind Antonia's picture in Lies of P

Go downstairs to the room where Antonia sat and select “Play a certain scale” on the piano to open the path forward behind Antonia’s painting.

Take the elevator to begin your adventure.

How To Reach The Black Rabbit Brotherhood

P looks into open area where Three Dimensional Butterflies spawn in Lies of P

After activating the Stargazer, you can follow the path down to an open area with bonfires.

Three Dimensional Butterflies will spawn and split in different directions. They drop:

  • Enhanced Alchemical Booster
  • Half Moonstone
  • Full Moonstone of the Covenant

A Technique Crank can also be found on the ground near the edge.

P turns on Monad's Lamp to see trap square on ground in ruins of the Relic of Trismegistus in Lies of P

From here, ignore the path down and instead go up a second ramp in the dark to a set of ruins.

You’ll want to turn on Monad’s Lamp here to see the square trap-triggers on the ground inside the ruins.

P looks to item beside Star Fragment in Relic Ruins and avoids trap square on ground in Lies of P

There are a few puppets in this ruin. It’s best to lure them out to avoid accidentally stepping on traps.

Inside the ruins, you can pick up:

  • Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  • Star Fragment

P looks to wall where Constable Miniboss has burst through in the Relic Lies of P

Now, go down the ramp where a strong constable puppet miniboss will burst through the wall on the right.

It’s extremely tanky and has a fresh moveset of aggressive, Fury-laden attacks. It is especially dangerous after exhausting half its health.

P takes the Cursed Knight's Halberd from chest in Relic of Trismegistus Lies of P

You’ll need to practice good blocking and use Fable Arts liberally in an attempt to stagger it.

After defeating it, you can open the chest to the left of the broken wall for a Cursed Knight’s Halberd (Motivity and Technique C).

P stands at a path split in the Relic of Trismagistus with King of Riddles payphone alight on left in Lies of P

Ahead, there is a split in the path. Take the upper one to reach a payphone with the King of Riddles.

His riddle is no longer a riddle but instead a question:

“Is Geppetto’s creation a killer?”

Answer: No (Lie) / Yes (Truth)

There is no right or wrong answer since the outcome is the same.

P goes down bridge toward puppet enemy and a number of glowing blue items in Relic of Trismegistus in Lies of P

Go back down the path to take the route you haven’t explored yet. There are two pitchfork puppets around the corner.

Go across the bridge to fight two more puppets and take a Vivid Ergo Crystal.

Beware of the square trap-trigger on the ground at the end of the bridge.

P locks onto Corrupted Strong Arm Puppet guarding a Legion Caliber chest in the dark Lies of P

Go down the ledge to the left of the trigger and the crystal for a Half Moonstone.

The area below is patrolled by a strong corrupted arm puppet and a dog carcass. Defeat them both to take the Legion Caliber from the chest.

You can return to the top of the ladder on the bridge to jump off a ledge and from the bridge in two locations for a Gemini’s Iron Protection and a Half Moonstone.

P runs toward the stairs to the Dark Rabbit Brotherhood boss room second try in Lies of P

From the ground floor, take the exit up a flight of stairs where you’ll finally be able to face the final boss of the area.

Efficiency at its best, right?

How To Defeat The Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Black Rabbit Brotherhood poses next to eldest brother's coffin in second iteration of boss fight Lies of P

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood is an awkward two-phase fight involving four bosses.

The first phase encompasses all the living brotherhood siblings you fought in the first version of this fight with no changes. After at least two are defeated, the second phase will begin as the eldest of the brotherhood will join the fight from his coffin.

P uses Puppet Ripper whip attack to strike the Eldest Black Rabbit Brotherhood over pile of bags in Lies of P

For this fight, we offer the following tips:

  1. Use weapons with large area or sweeping attacks; Puppet Ripper is best for its area Fable Art.
  2. Backstab the younger siblings where possible for damage and Immunity-Frames.
  3. Use the Chain item for extra crowd control.
  4. When the eldest brother joins, use the stack of bags on the right side of the arena to your advantage.
  5. Wait to attack the eldest brother after he performs his Fury attack, nullified by the bag barricade.
  6. When you stagger the eldest brother, take cover behind the bags (or the pillar) first; don’t go in for a critical hit immediately.

They’re an easy fight made far easier with a spectre. With a few tries under your belt, you’ll be walking away from the fight with hardly a scratch.

How To Reach The Black Seaside

P finds Alidoro at the end of the Relic of Trismegistus near campfire Lies of P

Up from the boss arena, you’ll find an area where you’ll encounter Alidoro. You can choose if you wish to kill him or not.

Behind him, either way, grab the Great Venigni Collection Box.

P stands on docks as Submarine bursts from the water in Lies of P

Going down the ramp near the bonfire, you’ll discover the path to the submarine docks. Take the Full Moonstone on the way.

When you reach the docks, you can operate the lever on the far left side. This will summon the submarine and immediately take you to the Black Seaside and, by extension, Arche Abbey.

Can’t you smell it? The final stretch is upon us.

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