Red Dead Redemption Port Finally Gets 60fps

As spotted on the Red Dead Redemption subreddit, the 1.03 patch has added a new 60fps option to PS5. You can find this in the display menu under saturation and above anti-aliasing.



Unfortunately, the patch is PS5 exclusive, meaning that Nintendo Switch and PS4 players are still stuck at 30fps. Xbox didn’t get the same port when it launched on August 17, as it already has the backwards-compatible Xbox 360 version, which was updated earlier this year with 4k and 60fps support.

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That means both current-gen consoles can now run the game 60fps, but those on PS4 aren’t too happy about being left out. “Is this all the update adds?” No_Issue_9916 commented. “They just left PS4 players in the dust.”

As for how well it runs at 60fps, the original poster, dultimate02, said that it “Feels stable”. If you have the game on PS5, you can see it for yourself right now. If you’ve already beaten the game with 30fps, there’s always the DLC to try out.

While it now runs more smoothly on PS5 and Xbox Series, PC players can’t even play the game without an emulator. Many hoped the long-rumoured Red Dead Redemption port would finally bring Rockstar’s hit western to Steam to join its sequel, but it was only re-released on PlayStation and Switch.

There’s still no word from Rockstar on whether this will change in the future. For now, PC players will have to be content with Arthur Morgan’s story.

Switch and PS4 are still locked at 30fps, but fans managed to get 60fps support working back in August just after the game launched. YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer, playing handheld, used a tool called ReverseNX-RT to overclock the Switch and improve its performance. He then used FPSLocker which allows you to set custom frame rates for any Switch game. The final tool he used was CysClock, which maxes out the CPU and GPU when the console is plugged into an official charger cable. This brought the uncapped frame rate from 45 to 60.

It’s a lot of tinkering and requires a hacked Nintendo Switch, which you can easily break if you’re not careful, so while there is a way to play on Switch with 60fps, it’s probably not worth the hassle. As for PS4, it’s unclear why it’s capped at 30fps given that the game originally launched for the PS3 and Xbox 360 generations, but at least PS5 players can enjoy Marston’s cowboy tale with some slicker shooting.

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