Real Housewives of Sydney star Caroline Gaultier sheds light on tension with Sally Obermeder

Reality TV star Caroline Gaultier has opened up about the tense conversation between herself and Sally Obermeder on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney.

Speaking on Joel Creasey’s the RHOS officialpodcast on Nova Entertainment, Caroline said she was shocked when Sally confronted her during their castmate, Dr Kate Adams’ 40th birthday party on-board the fancy Glass Island boat on Sydney Harbour.

Sally – a well-known journalist and TV presenter – made a beeline for Caroline at the festival-themed event, as she wanted clarification on the comments Caroline had made about working mums at dinner the other week on the BINGE series.

“For me, it’s the sweeping statement around mothers and making mothers compete that is not fair,” Sally told Caroline. “You were saying that, basically, if anybody works – if you’re not with your kids 24/7 – something has to give, and what gives is the children.”

Sally took offence to the comment as she is a working mum-of-two who runs the successful lifestyle and wellness company Swiish. But, she said, she never puts her children second.

“What gives is not the children, it’s not work. What gives is the other stuff. The long lunches, maybe going to the gym, whatever gives,” she said.

“But these two most important elements, that are absolute foundations for my life, that doesn’t give.”

Caroline assured Sally that her remark was not meant to offend as she was just speaking from her experience, living with a single mum who worked all the time.

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“I think the reason I was so passionate about that discussion at dinner was, perhaps, I was always in awe of my mum and how much she sacrificed for us, and how much all mums sacrifice for their kids,” Caroline later explained in a confessional.

In Creasey’s podcast, Caroline said the pair had a “wonderful” resolution at the party and were able to raise a glass to working mums everywhere.

However, after watching the episode back last night, she said the thought of insulting Sally was “heartwrenching” for her.

“Of course Sally had that reaction because that woman is literally doing it all,” Caroline told Creasey.

“She is the perfect example of a mother that actually has a business and is running 10 million things at the same, and then she decides to be on a show as well, and she’s always smiling. So for me to have potentially insulted her was heartwrenching.”

Caroline also said her comments about working mums were taken “a little bit out of context,” as the show had filmed four hours of conversations but only five minutes was shown.

“It was a great topic to be discussed,” she said. “But as I explained to Sally, it was not my intention. I was referencing single mums.”

However, Caroline has certainly learnt her lesson: topics such as parenting and politics should not be broached on the show.

“It’s just touchy subjects, and trust me to dive in on my first day, on the most controversial topic of all time,” she said.

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