Ranking All The Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


  • The new legendaries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet show love to often ignored types like Fighting, Ice, and Electric, which has been well-received by fans.
  • Wo-Chien is considered the weakest new legendary due to its vulnerabilities to seven different types, as well as low speed, HP, and attack stats.
  • Fezandipiti, from the Teal Mask DLC, is a powerhouse with high special defense and good attack, as well as the Technician ability, which boosts the power of low-power moves. It has three weaknesses, five resistances, and one immunity.



When Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were announced, one of the first things on a lot of people’s minds was the legendary Pokemon. It’s always exciting to think about what kinds of legendaries will be featured in the newest Pokemon world to explore. Based on the reactions of Pokemon fans, it’s safe to say that people weren’t let down.

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The new legendaries did what many were hoping for: show some love for some often ignored types. Sure, there are a few usual types thrown in, but it’s always nice to see some love given to Fighting, Ice, and Electric types when it comes to legendary status.

Updated September 26, 2023 by Ricardo Bracho: This article has been updated to include the Pokemon from the Teal Mask DLC. The new additions of the trio of Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti add new powerful legendary Pokemon that specializes in poisoning their foes and unleashing powerful traits in battle. At the same time, Ogerpon can be customized in several ways to give parties more coverage and unleash devastating attacks on foes with its unique signature move, Ivy’s Cudgel.

10 Wo-Chien

Wo-Chien from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Poor Wo-Chien. It seems like most people have decided that of the new legendaries, Wo-Chien is the weakest overall. Being the Grass and Dark-type mix of the legendaries, the creature may boast the highest special defense of the new breed, but it also falters to seven different type match-ups.

Things get a bit worse when you realize Wo-Chien is also somewhat lacking in the speed, HP, and attack departments. It is possible for Wo-Chien to get over those minor pitfalls, but being able to be clobbered by seven different types doesn’t do the beast many favors.

9 Ting-Lu

Ting-Lu, The Vessel Of Ruin

If there’s one thing Pokemon fans love, and Nuzlocke players fear, it’s one tanky Pokemon. Thanks to that, Ting-Lu has quickly become a favorite for its interesting design, huge HP stat, and good attack.

It is seriously lacking in speed, special attack, special defense, and is weak to six different types, but that hasn’t kept Ting-Lu out of most people’s parties. If one legendary should be relied on to tank a big hit, it’s definitely Ting-Lu over many of the others. Plus, it’s always great to see the Ground-type getting some love in the legendary Pokemon status.

8 Okidogi

Okidogi Encounter Pokemon Violet
Youtube Mixeli 

Okidogi is one of the legendary Pokemon added in the Teal Mask DLC. He is a bulky brawler who can poison his enemies while using his fighter moves to inflict significant damage. With six resistances and three weaknesses, the Pokemon can expect great matchups against opponents.

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The Toxic Chain ability can be helpful to inflict Poison on foes. In contrast, his Guard Dog ability is even better, as it raises the attack of Okidogi if he is to be intimidated, and prevents him from being switched out. He can struggle against certain Steel types and is extremely weak to Psychic, so give him support with moves such as Tailwind and avoid fighting special attackers that are of the Psychic type.

7 Munkidori

Munkidori Encounter Pokemon
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Munkidori is a sibling to Okidogi, being a special attacker version of the Okidogiy’s physical attacks, and being Psychic instead of Fighting. The two and Fezendipity all share the same Toxic Chain ability, while his Frisk ability can check opponents’ held items.

Being weak to three types, and resistance to four, gives him better matchups than Okidogi.

With a decent speed stat and moves such as Shadow Ball and Psychic, Munkidori makes for a great special attacker who can easily handle physical threats, and avoids being weak to Psychic, which is helpful for Poison-type Pokemon.

With moves like Nasty Plot and Calm Mind in his pool, he can become a sweeper that can destroy entire teams. Do be careful when facing dark types, as those Pokemon have some walls that can obliterate Munkidori.

6 Chi-Yu


When it comes to Chi-Yu, there are some severe strengths and weaknesses to think about. The Dark and Fire-type mix can be a damage beast with the right conditions, as this Pokemon can K.O foes with ease if it is in the sunlight, making it a perfect partner for Pokemon such as Koraidon or Flutter Mane that also benefit from Sunny Day and sunlight weather. Very few Pokemon can survive a Chi-Yu Overheat when the sun is up, thanks to its vast special attack, and its speed is excellent, with few Pokemon being faster than it is.

It’s got high special attack and defense, with some good speed to boot, but the super low HP stat can make Chi-Yu a bit of a glass cannon amongst Fire types. That’s important to consider, but no one could be faulted for claiming Chi-Yu as their new favorite legendary. The Pokemon is weak to four types but can resist six and is immune to another one, giving him an excellent balance between resistances and weaknesses.

5 Fezandipiti

Fezandipiti Pokemon Violet Encounter
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With three weaknesses, five resistances, and one immunity, it is no surprise that Fezandipiti makes it to the top of the trio of the Loyal Three. Having high special defense and good attack with solid speed leaves this Pokemon great stats across all levels, and his only worries are Steel and Ground types with physical moves.

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His ability is the same as his peers. Still, his hidden ability, Technician, makes this legendary an interesting Pokemon, as it increases the power of moves of 60 power or below by 50 percent. That can make moves such as Dual Wingbeat incredibly powerful when used by Fezandipiti, while Poison Tail, a move that crits more often, can get a significant boost in dealing damage to opponents.

4 Chien-Pao

Encountering Chien-Pao in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Chien Pao is one of the best legendaries in the game, particularly if you like to play the ranked mode. Its Ice and Dark typing make it particularly vulnerable against Fighter Pokemon, but it is worth using as it offers excellent support to physical Pokemon with its ability. Sword Of Ruin lowers the defenses of all other Pokemon. Boasting one of the best speed stats in the game, Chien Pao works as an excellent revenge killer and will usually strike before his opponents can even move. It resists three types and is immune to Psychic, giving it some defensive coverage.

It is true that Chien-Pao has low special defense, and is weak to six different types, but with high attack that skyrockets when terastallize with Ice type, having the powerful Ice type around to decimate opponents is practically a must for a lot of Pokemon fans.

3 Ogerpon

Ogerpon Encounter
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Ogerpon is the focal legendary of the Teal of Mask DLC, and as such, she is a powerhouse of a Pokemon. She can change between four different forms, making her adapt to resistance and weakness based on what benefits the rest of the team. Her speed and attack are excellent, and whenever she terastallizes she gets a bonus to attack, making her a strong Pokemon overall.

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Her masks all give her different types and moves, but her Hearthflame Mask has become the most popular as the combination of Grass and Fire is incredibly useful. Wood Hammer has excellent coverage to get rid of Water and Ground Pokemon, while her Ivy Cudgel can easily knock out Pokemon that are not resistant to the move.

2 Koraidon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Legendary Twist koraidon

To many people, Koraidon and Miraidon are primarily interchangeable regarding which Pokemon is genuinely better. Those who look a bit deeper will find that, at least on a technical level, Koraidon is more vulnerable than its counterpart, thanks to having five different weakness types and a double weakness to Fairy. Nonetheless, Koraidon is an excellent Pokemon, as its ability, Orichalcum Pulse, changes the weather to sunny, much like the powerful legendary Groudon did in previous Pokemon games. The ability also boosts Koraidon’s attack on sunny weather, making the legendary a fantastic choice for teams of Fire Pokemon and those that benefit from sunlight.

The Fighting and Dragon-type combination boasts plenty of high stats, but falters when it comes to special attack. As a solid Fighting type, that’s not too much of an issue, and in addition, it enjoys having an impressive resistance against seven different types. High speed and attack make Koraidon an excellent frontline that can deal devastating blows with moves such as Close Combat and Flare Blitz while covering some of its weaknesses with Solar Beam and Iron Head.

1 Miraidon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Legendary Twist miraidon

Miraidon may be similar to Koraidon in many ways, but unlike Koraidon, Miraidon has no double weaknesses. That gives it more chances to survive incoming moves. At the same time, its ability Hadron Engine makes the terrain electric, boosting its Electric moves while ensuring no Pokemon can fall asleep on the field. In a way, you can think of Koraidon as a type of Groudon, so it makes sense that Miraidon is a type of Kyogre, only with Electric moves instead of Water ones. Koraidon is parallel to Koraidon, but as a special attacker rather than a physical one, this makes it better than its counterpart as status such as burn will not affect Miraidon attacks, while they will reduce Koraidon damage by half.

The legendary Pokemon has fantastic stats, especially regarding special attacks and speed, but it does have low attacks. Luckily, that issue can be mostly avoided, making Miraidon a Pokemon that no one will ever want to come up against. All that and more leads many to believe that this might be. one of the best Electric types around. Its defense coverage is less comprehensive than Koraidon, but with no meaningful weakness and excellent support for electric parties, Miraidon is a unique legendary.

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