Pokemon’s Umbreon And Aipom Funko Pops Are Finally Available To Pre-Order

One step closer to Eeveelution Funko Pop! perfection.

A recent Pokemon Funko Pop! reveal confirmed collectors are finally about to get something they’ve been waiting a while for. The arrival of Umbreon. Not only does every other Eeveelution already have its own Funko Pop!, but some of them – Glaceon and Espeon – have had Pops for so long that they now have flocked versions. Umbreon’s Pop! is now available for pre-order, as is the Aipom figure that was revealed alongside it last month.



Books-A-Million appears to be the only place you can pre-order Pokemon’s new Umbreon and Aipom Funko Pops right now, which you can do through the links below. However, keep checking back if you’d prefer to buy them elsewhere as they will likely be listed on other sites soon. Also worth nothing if you don’t care where you get your new Pops from but by the time you see this and try to place your pre-order, figures have sold out.

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It doesn’t mention exclusivity anywhere on either listing so they should start popping up on other storefronts soon. As for making sure you get one, we’ve seen more evidence than ever lately that getting your hands on sought-after Pokemon stock can be pretty tricky. Hundreds of Pokemon fans descended on the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam last week when its Pokemon crossover merch went on sale. The limited edition Pikachu plush was also only available through the Pokemon Center for a matter of minutes before completely selling out.

umbreon funko pop
via Books-A-Million

Umbreon Funko Pop!

Umbreon is the final Eeveelution to get its own Funko Pop! That means you can now get Eevee and all of its evolved forms as Funko Pop! figures, Pokemon and Funko saving the very best of them until last.

Pokemon’s squishmallows are another item that can be incredibly hard to find. While the Winking Pikachu and Piplup plushes finally appear to be in stock for good, the original four are still hard to find unless you’re willing to pay an inflated price. There are new squishmallows coming soon, Clefairy and Teddiursa, which will likely sell out just as fast as the Van Gogh Pikachu plush did last week.

aipom funko pop
via Books-A-Million

Aipom Funko Pop!

Aipom is the cheeky little monkey Pokemon that has been a part of the anime’s universe since Gen Two. The wait for it to get a Funko Pop! has been far too long, but now that wait has finally come to an end.

Elsewhere in the world of Funko Pops, the first images of a Diamond Collection Lapras figure appeared online this week. Funko also revealed a new line of Stranger Things Pops last week alongside some new 60th anniversary Marvel designs, created to look like Hulk and Captain America have been pulled directly from their classic comics.

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