Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Upcoming DLC Epilogue Has Already Leaked


  • Scarlet & Violet players have already accessed the epilogue quest, which was hidden in a recent game update.
  • Nintendo is trying to remove traces of the quest from social media, but details have already been widely shared.
  • The epilogue quest, called Mochi Mayhem, involves stopping a new Mythical Pokemon from turning citizens into mind-controlled zombies.



Earlier today, it was announced that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be getting a third piece of DLC following the release of The Indigo Disk. This free quest will essentially act as an epilogue for Scarlet & Violet, bring your three besties Nemona, Penny, and Arven back into the story, and tie everything up into a neat little bow so that Game Freak can move onto their next project.

Despite being announced not even 24 hours ago, Scarlet & Violet players have already managed to access the epilogue quest. It appears as though Game Freak actually included the entire quest in the game’s latest update, choosing to block the content with a currently unobtainable item instead. Dataminers have done what they do best and have already accessed the epilogue, uploading footage and story content to YouTube and social media.


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Nintendo seems to be doing a pretty decent job at nuking all traces of the quest on social media so far, though details of the quest have been shared pretty widely at this point. If you want to go in completely fresh when the epilogue is officially accessible next month, then this is your warning to duck out now.

The quest itself is called Mochi Mayhem, and sees you and your merry band come up against a new Mythical Pokemon called Pecharunt, details of which have already been gathered and published on Bulbapedia. Supposedly, this new Pokemon is a Poison/Ghost Type and goes around Kitakami turning citizens into mind-controlled zombies. It’s your team’s job to put a stop to its mischief.

We won’t spoil everything by going into the details of the story here, but that’s essentially a brief overview of what the epilogue entails. You wouldn’t guess that from the announcement trailer of course, which some fans believe was supposed to be revealed during Pokemon Day next year, but was cobbled together at the last minute by Game Freak after fans discovered how to access the epilogue early.

Whatever happened over at Game Freak HQ, you won’t be able to access this epilogue quest until January 11, presuming you also have the other two DLC expansions. Until then, best to stay off social media and avoid any of your regular Pokemon news channels as spoilers are running rampant at the moment.


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