Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Epilogue DLC Launches In January

Nintendo just announced that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s The Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero is getting an epilogue on January 11, 2024. It will be free to existing DLC owners, given that it’s a follow-up to an existing expansion.



In this epilogue, which is presumed to be Scarlet & Violet’s final DLC, Arven, Penny, and Nemona will venture to Kitikami, where we visited with the Blueberry Academy students in The Teal Mask. At the end of the trailer, the three gesture to something in the air, but we don’t get to see what it is. More on that in a bit.

To access the epilogue, you will have to beat the base game and each DLC, seeing as it caps off the story. It looks to begin with our mom sending us off on this new adventure, like any good Pokemon story.

Possible spoilers for the epilogue DLC follow.

Pokemon dataminers recently uncovered a ‘mon called Pecharunt, a poison/ghost mythical type that serves as the master of the Loyal Three, AKA Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti. Given that we know Pecharunt flies, it’s likely that the trio was gesturing to it at the end of the trailer, meaning it may be the focal point of the epilogue.

While it doesn’t evolve, we know it has two forms. The first is a smaller, spherical shell that it hides inside of, but it can then open up to reveal its circular wings. Terrifyingly, it can also control humans. When they’re under its spell, they have purple eyes and do a chicken dance, repeatedly muttering “Moochi”.

With just under a month to go, there’s not much time to catch up before the epilogue releases. The first half of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, The Teal Mask, launched in September. Features Editor Ben Sledge said in his review that “The textures still look terrible, the framerate still tanks if there’s more than three things going on, and the pop-in is unforgivable for a game of this scope and budget”, and regarding the expansion’s story, “the DLC adds nothing to justify its price or existence”.

The Teal Mask is £31.49 on the Nintendo eShop.

Regardless, if you want to keep up, you’ll have to get through Scarlet & Violet and The Teal Mask, so you’d best get started if you wanna see what the epilogue is all about when it launches.


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