Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 Mini Tins Are Back In Stock On Amazon


  • The Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet 151 Mini Tins are hard to find but currently available on Amazon.
  • Each mini tin includes two booster packs, a coin, and a fan art card, making it a better value than buying individual packs.
  • There are six different tins to collect, featuring Pokemon from the original 151, and they cost $11.99 each.



There are various ways to catch ’em all, whether it be in the games, by buying plushes, or out in the real world with Pokemon Go. However, the most extensive way to catch ’em all 25 years into Pokemon’s run is through the trading cards. As sought after as ever, certain Pokemon TCG items, such as the new Scarlet & Violet 151 Mini Tins, can be hard to find. If you’ve been on the lookout for them – and you’re fast – you can grab some through the Amazon link below while they’re back in stock.

Mini tins are a jazzier way to pick up booster packs if you need some. Rather than just grab a couple of packs, pick up a mini tin that has two booster packs inside. Yes, a mini tin costs slightly more than two booster packs, but you get some extras. Each tin also includes a coin and a fan art card, and of course, you get to keep the tin. Collectibles themselves, there are six different tins to find. The only trouble is you can’t pick which one you get when you order them.

Even though the featured image on the store page shows a box filled with mini tins, you only get one per purchase. The reviews for the product indicate there has been some confusion regarding how many tins customers expected.

As the name of the collection suggests, even though released off the back of Scarlet & Violet, the TCG expansion features Pokemon from the original 151. Some of the Pokemon to be featured on the tins include Scyther, Gengar, Alakazam, and Meowth. Each tin costs $11.99, and odds are you’ll need to buy a few if you want all six. Even better, find a fellow Pokemon TCG player you can trade duplicates with.

Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet 151 Mini Tin

Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet 151 Mini Tin

These Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet 151 mini tins are the perfect small gift for any occasion, adding a pair of booster packs, a special coin, and one of ten Pokemon art cards.

Even though the window to order stuff in time for Christmas is only open the tiniest bit, if not slammed shut entirely at this point, there’s a lot of Pokemon stuff you can get your hands on right now for less. The TCG advent calendar is half-price for pro members at GameStop, and since it probably won’t be with you until after December 25, you can just open all 25 doors at once. Amazon has also slashed the price of Mega’s Motion Charizard set for a limited time from its usual $140 down to $70.

Mini tins have been a great addition to the Pokemon TCG and are now my go-to when picking up additional cards instead of booster packs. If the 151 tins above are out of stock again, we have an entire guide dedicated to Pokemon’s mini tins where you can go for alternatives.


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