Pokemon Reveals Scarlet & Violet DLC Bundle Packs Coming Later This Year

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet had a mixed launch. Even though it was critiqued by players due to poor quality, the latest games in the Pokemon series sold more than ten million copies in their first three days. That likely means quite a few of you are playing the game’s Teal Mask DLC right now. If you chose to hold out based on the early reactions, or simply because you had other things going on at the time, Pokemon has dropped a little bit of good news for you this week.



Scarlet & Violet will be getting new editions that come bundled with both parts of The Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero DLC. The aforementioned Teal Mask, and then part two, The Indigo Disk, which is slated to be rolled out before the end of 2023. The Scarlet & Violet DLC bundles have been given a November 3 release date. That might mean The Indigo Disk will be here before then but doesn’t confirm it. It might be a case of paying for it first and then getting access to what will presumably be the final part of the Scarlet & Violet story whenever it’s released.

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Other than its release dates, no other information about the Scarlet & Violet DLC packs has been revealed. Neither is available for pre-order just yet and how much the bundles will cost has not been divulged. However, since you can already buy the games bundled together digitally – this announcement pertains to physical copies of the bundles – it’s probably safe to assume the physical versions will retail for $95 when they go on sale in November.

Pokemon Violet Terastal Teal Mask on Ogerpon during battle

The Teal Mask has built on your journey through the Paldea region by introducing an entirely new area called Kitakami. Not only does it add to the areas you can explore and build on the game’s story, but it also expands its Pokedex, arguably the biggest appeal of Pokemon DLC. There will be 230 additional Pokemon to track down and catch by the time both parts of the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero have been released.

Once all of Scarlet & Violet’s DLC has been rolled out, that might well be it for Pokemon on Nintendo Switch. Other than Detective Pikachu Returns, although that will be here before The Indigo Disk drops. With rumors continuing to swirl regarding the announcement of an entirely new Nintendo console, the next Pokemon games after these ones may well be on a different system.

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