Pokemon Reveals Pearlescent Mewtwo Funko Pop, Available Now

New Pokemon Funko Pops have been coming at us thick and fast as we turn the final corner towards the holiday season, and now there’s another one to potentially add to your collection. Mewtwo has had a Funko Pop! for a while, but now a Pearlescent version of the figure is available exclusively through the Pokemon Center (for now). The Pop! looks the same as the regular Mewtwo figure but has a shimmering pearlescent finish to make it extra special.



When you list some of the most well-known Pokemon, Mewtwo’s name isn’t one that comes up enough. The Kanto OG has been in Pokemon games since the very beginning and a key character in more than one blockbuster Pokemon movie. Yes, its usually a villain, but people love a good villain. That’ll be why Mewtwo already had a multitude of Pops even before this Pearlescent one went on sale, and will be why the Pop! might already be sold out by the time you click the link below.

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Don’t despair if that is the case. There will be more stock of the new Mewtwo Pop! Not only is it worth checking back in with us every now and again to see if the Pop! has been restocked, but there’s also no indicator the figure will be a Pokemon Center exclusive forever. While some Pops are stocked everywhere from day one, others, like this Mewtwo one, hit the Pokemon Center first. Probably the ones Pokemon and Funko expect to be a little more popular than regular Pops.

pearlescent mewtwo funko pop figure
via Pokemon Center

Pearlescent Mewtwo Funko Pop!

Mewtwo, a Pokemon introduced to the series as a part of the original 151, has been a Funko Pop! for a while. This figure has taken that original design and given it a Pearlescent makeover.

As noted above, the last couple of months have been busy ones for Pokemon Funko Pop! colelctors. Sobble, Umbreon, and Aipom all got their very first Pop! figures, all of which are available for pre-order, and images of a Diamond Lapras Pop! have surfaced online but price and release date details are yet to be revealed. Diamond Pops are similar to Pearlescent ones in that they take a pre-existing figure and give them a shiny new makeover.

If you don’t exclusively collect Pokemon Pops, there’s even more to be excited about. The One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Wanted Poster Pop! went on sale over NYCC weekend, although it was in very high demand so finding one right now might prove difficult. Funko also revealed an extensive new range of Stranger Things Pops based on character likenesses from season four, the headliner being Vecna complete with a Funko version of the Creele House.

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