PlayStation’s Pulse Explore Earbuds Are Back In Stock At GameStop


  • The PlayStation Portal and Pulse Explore Earbuds have been difficult to find and have consistently sold out, but the earbuds are currently back in stock at GameStop.
  • Despite retailing for $199.99, the Pulse Explore Earbuds have been in high demand and have been hard to secure. This may be the last chance to get them in time for Christmas.
  • The Pulse Explore Earbuds have impressive battery life and AI-enhanced noise rejection technology. Pre-orders for the new Pulse Elite Headset are also now open, and it is $50 cheaper than the earbuds.



The PlayStation Portal has been out for more than a month and remains almost impossible to find. Slightly surprising since it was largely criticized when revealed since it can’t be used without a WiFi connection, nor can it stream games. Perhaps even more surprising is the scarcity of the Pulse Explore Earbuds you can use with the Portal. Costing the same as the remote player device, the earbuds are currently back in stock at GameStop.

The Pulse Explores are PlayStation’s first attempt at a set of earbuds, and clearly, it’s an item people have been clamoring for. Despite retailing for $199.99, the earbuds have been selling out everywhere. Not only almost impossible to find during the pre-order period but just as difficult to get your hands on since they launched on December 6. If you wanted to secure a pair in time for Christmas, this may well be your last chance.


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GameStop has the Pulse Explore Earbuds back in stock at the time of typing this, and you can check if you have found this article soon enough and potentially buy a pair by clicking the link below. Even if you’re getting here a few hours after publication, it’s still worth checking the link. Not only because GameStop might be adding stock in waves to avoid being overwhelmed with website traffic, but because eventually, supply will surpass demand and stock won’t sell out within minutes of it going on sale.

PlayStation Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds

PlayStation Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds

PlayStation’s first set of earbuds are the Pulse Explore Wireless earbuds. Coming with a carry case and equipped with AI-enhanced noise rejection technology, the earbuds are also equipped with mics so you can communicate with other people while playing online.

The earbuds boast a pretty impressive battery life, something that needs to be extended to more of the PS5’s accessories. Five hours of use, and then an additional ten hours of charge from the case before you need to recharge the two accessories. Even though the earbuds don’t cover your ears like a traditional headset, they boast the same AI-enhanced noise rejection technology to help block out anything you don’t need to hear. There are also mics in each earbud for communicating with other players.

A new Pulse Elite Headset will be joining PlayStation’s range of accessories in February 2024 and pre-orders for them are now open. Potentially slightly easier to come by than the earbuds, and also $50 cheaper. If you want PlayStation hardware that’s not merely a pre-order and doesn’t require you to vigilantly wait for restocks, the new slimmer model of PS5, including its Spider-Man 2 and Modern Warfare 3 bundles, appears to be readily available despite its recent release and the time of year.


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